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My Zombie Proof Compound

Updated on January 6, 2015



Now we all may not be able to afford this zombie proof house but it's something to shoot for.
Now we all may not be able to afford this zombie proof house but it's something to shoot for. | Source

My Motivation

I think it's safe to say that a large population of the United State, maybe the world, watches The Walking Dead. Am I right? Well if you haven't, you should start. I didn't understand the hype about the show until I started watching it because I honestly had nothing else to do. I've always believed that there will be some type of disease outbreak, quickly spread, powerful, no antidote, government origins, and scary. I do not, however, believe that the inevitable zombie apocalypse will be an undead one. I think it is simply a disease that will infect people and that there could be an eventual cure.

Now, the whole reason this hub is on the Home pages is because I will be discussing the plans for my Zombie Proof Compound I plan to start building in the near future, not only because it will be zombie proof, but because these homes that I'm basing mine off of are spectacular and unique and completely safe and have major potential to provide a green standard of living.

Basic Qualities

  • Bullet proof windows
  • Steel- goes without saying as I will only be discussing shipping container homes
  • A floor plan that flows
  • Easy to close off in case of a break in
  • Accessible firearms and ammo
  • Hidden rooms or pathways
  • Food storage room
  • As self sustaining as you can get
  • At least two stories above ground
  • ONE ENTRY/EXIT WAY-- I cannot stress this point enough.
  • A safe room- a public room that you all plan to go to that no one else knows serves as a safe room
  • A panic room, a designated room specifically for break ins/disasters/etc.
  • A meeting area to discuss strategies, runs, plans, ideas, etc.
  • Watch tower
  • Doors that open from the bottom up

Bullet Proof Windows

It's pretty safe to assume that once this goes down the entire world will turn into a dog-eat-dog, cut throat, survival of the fittest, chaotic environment. Meaning that you family headquarters needs to be secure at all times.

Bullet proofing your windows allows for surveillance and protection simultaneously, probably the two most important tasks during the end of the world.

Bullet proofing gives you that extra shield right off the bat.

Securing the outside makes it easier to secure the inside.

Shipping Container Home

I will definitely be writing a separate article about shipping container homes but for now I'll just discuss the benefits.

They are versatile, weather resistant, made of steel, and dirt cheap. You can make a beautiful, unique, and zombie proof home just with shipping containers. They run anywhere from $2k to $10k. For the same amount you spend/t on your current residence, you could have a home twice the size and twice as unique. Or for the same size home, you spend a fraction of the cost.

They're incredibly cost effective as they can be equipped with solar panels very easily, adding insulation and drywalling is a breeze.

You can add to your home basically any time you want with containers being so cheap and easily accessible.

There's really no downside to them.

Just remember, go for new containers vs old containers that could have pesticide residue, chemicals, dust, etc. that just makes it more of a hassle to clean out. Clean, brand new, unused or used once containers are always the route you want to take should that option be available to you.

Plus, you can make them look awesome like this one down here


Food Storage and Self-Sustentation

Food storage is key, any food that can be preserved or that has a long shelf life, figure out some recipes for. Airtight, water resistant, secret, organized.

A self sustaining lifestyle is basically your only option when the world takes a turn for the worse. Learn to farm, learn to obtain and purify water, make sure your environment and storage areas are SANITARY 100% OF THE TIME.

Disease can and will spread very quickly when shut in closed spaces.

One Entry/exit

If you have doors and windows everywhere you're basically inviting zombies in. Just because they're brain dead doesn't mean they can't get into things.

Doors get knocked loose, windows break, ALL THE TIME.

Windows are fine, in my opinion, as long as they are only on a second story level or above.

One single solitary door to get in and out of your compound is all you need. Only one door to monitor, one door to protect, one door to work with, one thing to worry about.

Strategy Headquarters

Having a room or designated area to discuss ideas, suggestions, disagreements, and strategies is only the proactive thing to do.

I understand that living in a confined space with all the same people during the downfall of humanity may make a "strategy headquarters" room seem redundant, but why would you know want all of those things in one area? Why would you want everyone to keep their things with them for them to be misplaced or left behind when you have to bounce?

My only suggestion for this type of room would be security, if you let new people in, they have no right to see the methods to the madness. If someone wants in, they want the rules that come with entry.

Make. Sure. The. Room. Is. Secure. One door and one key seems intelligent to suggest on this one.

My Question to All of You

What sort of Z-Day plans have you started making?

See results

Closing statements

There are many different routes to take when prepping for Z-Day. You could renovate a bus into a home, you could live in a trailer, you could build a treehouse, you could take over an abandoned building, etc. This is the route I would take, at least in the beginning. The best thing you can do is be prepared way ahead of time, set yourself up so if you need to stay put, even temporarily, you have the resources to do so.

Good luck prepping!! :)

© 2015 Alexis Spiegel


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    • seigfried23 profile image

      seigfried23 3 years ago

      This is an awesome hub lol. If there's one thing I'd change though, it's to have multiple - but very well-controlled points of access and egress. You cannot be pinned down! That's certain death - eventually. Maybe keep one exit point high off the ground - two stories or so. Zombies cannot climb - plus, it'll be hidden.