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My honest list of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners iRobot series

Updated on April 5, 2015

Why a robotic vacuum cleaner?

This is an article about the new generation of robotic vacuum cleaners. Cleaning and dusting the entire home is a very boring and challenging thing to do. If you are a single like me living in a flat cleaning is not a weekly chore but it can pass even three weeks to a month to grab the vacuum cleaner. A couple of months ago I stumbled upon the iRobot brand vacuum cleaner. So, I decided to do some more research about these mini cleaning machines that do everything for you.

Below I have listed my honest list of top five robotic cleaning machines. In my opinion the iRobot brand is probably the best in the market. This is the reason why I have only listed the ones of this brand. A robotic vacuum cleaner looks literally like a little robot that wanders around the house in search of dust, the pet hair, fruit juice stains etc. At times it looks like a famous "star wars" movie robot character with all the lights and sudden movements. It has come from the future to detect and destroy the not cleaned spots when you are absent.

Most of the iRobot vacuum cleaner machines have a considerable small size and weight. They are around 14 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height. They can be programmed easily in order to start and stop in a particular hour and day. Although, you must know that they do not run forever because they need maintenance. After they finish cleaning thanks to their air extractors they need to be recharged. Also, you have to clean up the filters once in a while maybe once a week. So, every time that they finish with the room (it takes around 25 minutes) they need to be cleaned. Do not worry, because this might happen only first three weeks if you clean the house every two to three days.

iRobot Roomba 880 vacuum cleaning

The roomba 880 is the newest and yet the most expensive robotic cleaner produced by the iRobot company. This appliance at the moment costs around $674 if it is ordered online. At the moment it is the latest of the many roomba series. And has a lot of features that can be worth its astounding price. It is very easy to use, to get cleaned up and to be programmed. It is available at any electronics store (online) or you can go and purchase it in person.

When it comes to design and fashion this device is the best. It has a very sleek and elegant look, even though it is available in one color, which is black. But color and design are not the only good attributes of the roomba 880. This device manages to clean any surface in your house with efficiency thanks to its aeroforce cleaning system and it navigation sensors. This system does not need ordinary brushes to clean, instead it utilizes airflow extractors. This means that you do not have to clean the debris and unpleasant dirt from the brushes. You just have to clean up the filters with an ordinary hand vacuum cleaner or replace them.

The battery of this piece of technology can endure twice as much as the ordinary robotic vacuums. The virtual lighthouses are something that I wanted to stop on. In the package are included two so-called lighthouses that keep the cleaning confined in a specific area of the home. For example, if you want to clean only one room then you place the virtual lighthouse beside the door. Also, the size and weight make it totally easy to re locate around the apartment. In fact it has a diameter of 13.9 inches, a height of 3.6 inches and a total weight of 8.6 pounds.

My honest list of Robotic Vacuum cleaners iRobot series

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irobot roomba 780 robotic vacuum cleanerDust ball robotic vacuum cleaner concept
irobot roomba 780 robotic vacuum cleaner
irobot roomba 780 robotic vacuum cleaner
Dust ball robotic vacuum cleaner concept
Dust ball robotic vacuum cleaner concept

Roomba 870 cleaning robot

The iRobot Roomba 870 can be called the twin brother of the 880 model except for some minor changes. The biggest reason I have put the 870 type in this list is because I wanted people to compare the two devices with each other. Even though there is not so much difference between them in terms of usability, endurance and performance the price changes a lot. In fact at the moment I am writing this article the Roomba 870 is being sold online for $599.

Instead, the above 880 version is around one hundred and seventy four dollars more than that. Since I have already described the 880 roomba vacuum cleaner above I just want to cite what 870 does not have. First of all this mini robot can perform for a long time thanks to its extra rechargeable battery life. But, it cannot clean whole of your apartment by itself. If you are not around to re locate to another area it will never leave your room after cleaning it. It is very easy to clean and maintain though thanks to its HEPA filter filtration system.

You can find it in only one color which is a mixture between black and grey. Also, I have to say that it is slightly heavier than the 880 and maybe a little bit slower in the cleaning process. But, if you are away all day it will not disturb you at all if it takes 30 minutes to clean the room. The only thing that I did not like about this device is that it does not have a remote control. Suppose it gets stuck under the furniture while cleaning, you will have to lift the furniture up or move it to retrieve the vacuum cleaner.

This will take five seconds of your time.

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The concept vacuum cleaner by Samsung

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Concept robotic vacuum cleaner by Samsung
Concept robotic vacuum cleaner by Samsung
Concept robotic vacuum cleaner by Samsung

Table of the product details

Product name
Special features
iRobot Roomba 880
8.6 pounds/13.9" x 13.9" x 3.6"
HEPA filtration, remote control
iRobot Roomba 870
15.4 pounds/13.9" x 13.9" x 3.6"
HEPA filtration
iRobot Roomba 630
11.8 pounds/13.4" x 13.4" x 3.6"
AeroVac filtration
iRobot Roomba 770
14 pounds/13.9" x 13.9" x 3.4"
Hepa filtration, remote control
iRobot Roomba 560
$232 refurbished
11.8 pounds
Anti tangle technology
This is a detailed table that contains the price, dimensions, weight and special features of each robotic vacuum cleaner in this article.

One of the first versions of iRobot

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iRobot 500The roomba 560 version
iRobot 500
iRobot 500
The roomba 560 version
The roomba 560 version

iRobot roomba 630 for pets

The 630 version of irobot cleaning device is exclusively manufactured for in depth cleaning of pets hair. Taking this into consideration it is logical to think of it as a "pet tool". But, this is not the only strong point of the 630. In fact it is totally capable of picking up other types of home debris and dirt with facility. The price of this appliance is $349 if it is ordered online. In my opinion its price is by far the most reasonable one in my honest list of robotic vacuum cleaners.

This is a fairly old version of the robotic vacuum cleaner. So, do not expect too much from design and portability. In fact it certainly will not get unnoticed thanks to it grey and silver color and its weight. The 630 weight considerably more than the 880 generation, around 11.8 pounds. This device is very easy to set up and use. It has only three main functions or buttons in total that are "clean", "spot" and "dock". What I like about this device is the ability to clean along the wall edges and not to fall down the stairs. Thanks to its wall following and cliff detecting technology. Also, the filtration system and cleaning tool are not of the latest generation. The filtration system is made by aerovac filter producers and it has a cleaning tool made of small brushes.

This means that you have to clean up the brushes very consistently. If you have more than a pet beware, because the 630 needs a lot of maintaining. Also, do not expect this appliance to clean every stain spot that you have on the floor. The dirt detection is of the first series and it will not pass more than two times on the same spot. If you buy this vacuum cleaner you will get one flat brush cleaner and one virtual wall to keep the 630 confined.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Mopping robotic vacuum cleaner
Mopping robotic vacuum cleaner
Mopping robotic vacuum cleaner | Source

Roomba 770 for pets and allergies

The iRobot roomba 770 version is one of the few vacuum cleaners that is able to remove up to 98% of the total pet hair and dirt on virtually any type of floor. In fact for a price of $499 this little piece of of high tech cleaning system can thoroughly clean the house on its own. It has integrated software called the iAdapt that can scan the whole surface of the house. This way the 770 can freely navigate on every room in order to vacuum the entire floor and the spots that are hard to reach. This is the famous the wall following and cliff detecting technology that prevents it to fall from a certain height or to bump on walls.

But, I like more the fact that the Roomba for a lower price has almost all the properties of the highly estimated 880 including the famous HEPA filters. For example, included in the price you will get also a flat cleaning brush, round cleaning brush and two extra lighthouses. The lighthouses, if placed properly can become a very powerful tool. They utilize an infrared beam that prevents the roomba vacuum cleaner to go to unwanted areas. Another thing that I like about the 770 model is the remote control. Many customers complain that their robotic vacuum cleaners end up in unreachable places while doing their chores and, they are absolutely right.

The battery life is an improvement too compared to the previous versions. This means that it can last around 50% more of the time. Also, it is very easy to maintain, thanks to its "full bin indicator" you will now exactly when it is the right time to empty the bin. The Roomba 770 is available in the color of black and grey. There is a limited one year of warranty included in the price. That, in my opinion, makes you feel more comfortable when you purchase such a pricey device.

Roomba 880 review - State of the Art by New York Times

Roomba 560 vacuum cleaner

Sometimes, when I do a research about a particular set of products I have to compare their properties. This way anyone who wants to be informed about a particular product will read their similarities and differences. but, in this case the iRobot roomba series is very difficult to be differentiated. The 560 robotic vacuum cleaner is by far one of the most resistant of this series. Also this device might be one of the cheapest you might find online, with a refurbished price of $232.

Having all the attributes of a cleaning monster is not everything. You also have to have the endurance, the strength and the agility to be able to pick up and clean every spot. And that's what the 560 model has to offer. It has a special navigation system which is pre programmed to keep it away from falling down the stairs or even bumping on hard obstacles. Almost all the iRobot robotic cleaners can stay active for a long period of time. This beast can take up to four rooms in a row. The reason is because its extended battery life which has a self charging home base.

Even though this device has a 90 days limited manufacturer warranty, it can definitely take more than that. Taking into consideration the many customer testimonials it is possible that through numerous bumps this vacuum cleaner can resist for a long time without a scratch. Even the filters are very easy to substitute and clean. The only thing I personally do not like about it is the poor design and look compared to other products. In the end, all I can say is that this is the perfect robotic cleaner for anyone that is on budget.

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    • dejvimanushi profile imageAUTHOR

      Dejvi Manushi 

      3 years ago from Albania

      I completely get you, the price is not their strong point. Thank You!!

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      I would like to play with a robotic vacuum, but they're so dang expensive!

      Very interesting read.


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