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NO Room for Kitchen ?

Updated on February 23, 2016

Small Kitchens

Are you suffering from lack of space or there is small space for setting up a kitchen ? Relax !

Understand - Small is useful. Lack of space is no bar to efficiency in modern kitchen. When you are planning for a small kitchen try to avoid thinking of it as you are forced to do so rather than having a large one due to lack of space or any other reason. Small kitchens are just as efficient as spacious ones. In fact, there are cooks who prefer to work in a space where there are less gaps or obstruction between cupboard, sink and cooker along with minimum distraction. A certain amount of lateral thinking is wanted to ensure that all equipments and storage required will fit in. Before you buy the kitchen appliance do check that they meet your household's needs.

Creating the impact of the space is just as important as quality space planning, selecting similar tones for walls and fitted furniture will make them appear less obtrusive. It will also create of view into another room, perhaps via a doorway or serving area, creating a self contained, small kitchen feel bigger.

Revolving Circular Compact Kitchen

Compact Kitchen with Stove, Refrigerator, and Sink
Compact Kitchen with Stove, Refrigerator, and Sink | Source
Revolving Circular Compact Kitchen
Revolving Circular Compact Kitchen | Source

Concept behind Small Kitchen

Before Setting up your Compact Kitchen :

  • If you have limited floor space, you can avail the option of fold-down or pull-out counters and tabletops which allows you to make flexible use of the space. Select chairs that either stack or fold away when not in use.

  • A butchers block on wheels provides useful extra workspace and storage for required equipment such as knives and pans.

  • Many sinks can be covered with a shaped chopping board to give you an extra worktop. Similarly, if you are buying a new cooker, look for one with a robust cover.

  • Store items which are used frequently and everyday in a space between eye and hip level. This will prevent you from performing repeated bending and stretching in a confined area.

  • When you are choosing base units, remember that pull-out drawers take up less space than conventional doors when opened. They also allow you to better exhibit the interior.

  • Sliding doors take up virtually no space, but you are unlikely to find them on fitted furniture. However, it may be worth using them to screen - off the kitchen in an open plan room.

  • When you are working in a kitchen, make it a habit to clear up and clean as you go along.

Small Kitchen Designs

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