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Natural Disinfectant Recipes

Updated on September 5, 2012

In this article I will give you some simple yet effective alternative "green cleaning" disinfectant recipes and solutions that you can use around the home. These recipes are free from any major chemicals and toxic compounds, leaving you with a clean, healthy and pleasant smelling home to life your life in. With all that being said lets get into the recipes!

Disinfectant Recipe #1

This first recipe is the most simple one you could ever think of, 1 main ingredient and 1 optional ingredient. The main ingredient in this recipe is borax. Borax is has excellent disinfectant and deodorizing properties, making it the ideal single ingredient cleaning alternative. You can mix ½ cup of borax into a gallon or hot/warm water for a strong yet gentle on your health cleaning solution. Alternatively you can add undiluted vinegar to the borax to make an ever more powerful cleaner. You can cut down on the amounts of ingredients use to suit your needs.

Disinfectant Recipe #2

The second recipe again contains borax this time combining it with lemon and hot water. With lemon being acidic, it adds extra cleaning power to your mixture, without sacrificing your health and polluting the surrounding environment with chemicals. The warm water also allows the lemon oils to infuse and become more potent, giving you a great cleaning solution with a nice pleasant smell. Mix 2 tablespoons borax with ¼ lemon juice and 2 cups hot/warm water. I recommend if you have the time to squeeze out the lemon juice and leave the rest of the lemon to soak in the hot/warm water for an hour to add the lemon oils.

Disinfectant Recipe #3

The third mixture is great for hard to remove stains and dirt that needs a little more kick to be cleaned. Isopropyl alcohol is great because it evaporates quickly, dissolves away heavy spills like oils and contains a fraction of the toxic compounds compared to more conventional products. This product is best sponged onto the desired area and left for a period of the time to dry out or evaporate. Please bare in mind that this is non lethal but it’s recommended that it’s kept away from children. When applying make sure that the area is well ventilated and that you are wearing gloves to prevent any skin irritation. Once the area is clean rinse down with warm water to remove any excess. You can also add warm water and lemon juice to tone down the potency of the alcohol.

Disinfectant Recipe #4

The fourth mixture is a great spray type solution to use around the home. This mixture contains some natural oils that add pleasant scents and boost the cleaning properties. Mix 2 cups of warm/hot water, ¼ cup white vinegar, ¼ teaspoon tea tree oil and ¼ teaspoon lavender oil. This mixture is light on the skin, packs a cleaning punch and is safe to use around the home without fear of harmful chemicals and toxins being present.


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    • Adamowen profile image

      Adamowen 5 years ago from England

      @His Princesz thanks for the comment! Green cleaning is really coming along now and becoming more popular! Health & a clean home is essential to a healthy life!

    • His princesz profile image

      His princesz 5 years ago

      So great to know all this! A spotless clean home and health friendly. They are cheaper too. Thanks for sharing. :) Voted up and everything else! :)