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Natural Flooring Materials - Best Option for Flooring

Updated on July 10, 2011

Natural Flooring Materials

‘BACK TO NATURE’ is a common oath standing here. This oath has relations in our life but have much to our houses. Everything is starting from houses. Houses have the chances to hurt the nature by construction or going back to the nature.

We can select natural material for as well as the housing but also the flooring. The natural stones are in front of the nature lovers for flooring. Marble and Granite are most common in the field of flooring. Now we can know someone new.


A coble stone means the metal stone pieces. Coble stones are mainly used for fixing in gardens, courtyards, and Car sheds. It is available in all shoppes . Grey color is much in the stones available. Stone have cost includes the fixing charge.


Jaisalmar stone is in the family of sand stone. This stone is available from the place JAISALMAR in Rajasthan. This stone is comparatively not much hard. This stone is using after polishing the cut out stone pieces. It is available from RS 65 per square feet. Because of the rough using type this stone is mainly using in industries.

Agra stone is another type of natural stones. It is mainly used for the wall cladding.


Cotta stone is the most strong and hard stone in the world of natural stones. It is also used for rough use places. The colors available are Grey mixed green and blue. It is hard from half inch to one inch. The mains advantages are this stone is of low cost and high quality. The cost for square feet is Rs 23. It is available in the sizes like 2*2, 3*2, 4*2, and 5*2.


Shabbat stone is another important slate stone. It is not good for flooring. It has a small use for bordering and pattern works. We can consider the Shabbat stone as in the family of Cotta stone. It is available in the colors green, grey, brown, and pink. The main disadvantage of Shabbat is it will break like a slate stone. The cost is Rs 19 per square feet.


Granite is not only for garden pavement, bathroom, etc. Flaint granite is rough finished granite. As the name this granite is finished from fire. The finish of the flaint granite is just like the finish of a metal stone to fix in the floors. It is mainly used for flooring. But the cost of flaint granite is more than normal granites.


Kadappa stones are another sub type of slate stones. Kadappa stones are of black color. It is available in the width of five to 30 millimeters. Cost is from Rs 25. As the width increases the price also increases. Not only used for flooring but also for making Counter top, cabinet partition etc.


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    • maheshbhan profile image

      Mahesh Bhan Singh 2 years ago from India

      The way you have written the article about Indian Stones, it shows that you have grip over the subject. you should write an article about granite in such details. for basic idea about granite you can browse

    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi Dolores and vinodcyber,

      Thanks a lot for your supportive comments. The quality must be checked before going for it. Thanks for the link too.

    • vinodcyber profile image

      vinodcyber 5 years ago

      Nice writeup on natural stone use. But I doubt about the price. Actually, the price is determined by the quality of product. a lot more factors also affect it, like size, thickness and finish.

      you can browse one of the best collection of Indian stones at

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 6 years ago from East Coast, United States

      Great tips on natural flooring. When I come from, cobble stone is cut stone used in the past for building roads. Now, people reuse old cobbles for their patio or garden edging.

    • profile image

      Natalie Bonanski 7 years ago

      Natural flooring is always nice, but it can also get expensive. Make sure that when you are shopping for your new flooring you are comparing price to get the best deals. has natural flooring at great prices. Also, when you install the new floor yourself it can save a significant amount of money.