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Natural Gas Patio Heater

Updated on June 9, 2014

Buy a Patio Heater to Use the Outside Later in the Year

A natural gas patio heater is ideal when you have parties or celebrations outdoors during cold weather months. With natural gas, you don't have to worry about the smell of fumes and you don't have to think about filling it up constantly. They can also make a cool evening warm and cozy. There are many patio heaters to choose from that would make good choices depending on the size of your patio. You want to select one that offers the most features for the best price.

Natural Gas Heaters for your Deck

This one is definitely comparable in price to a similar heater that is available from Sam's, but works much better, and it is powered by natural gas rather than electricity, which is an advantage when it comes to setting it up. It looks very stylish and this gives off great heat and at a good distance. It is also easy to put together, and it could even be linked up to the same connector that is used to run a grill.

This natural gas patio heater is perfect for nights that it is just a little too cool to be outside without some additional heat, and makes eating out on our patio so much more enjoyable when the temps dip! Definitely worth the price.

AZ Patio Heater Natural Gas 202 Stainless Steel Heater

This CSA approved item is another top choice for a natural gas patio heater that costs about $170 online. It gives 41,000 BTUs and has variable controls with an integrated ignition for an easy start. There are ground fixtures to mount it into the ground to prevent the heater from tilting. It stands about 85 inches tall and comes with thermocouple and anti tilt safety devices. A burner cover is included. A natural gas hose is not included.

Garden Sun GS4150NGBK Floor Standing Natural Gas Powered Outdoor Patio Heater

This item received 3.5 stars from Amazon reviewers and it costs about $194 online. It has 41,000 BTUs and can provide heat up to 15 feet away. It is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. It comes with a 12 foot vinyl wrapped hose and four mounting brackets in the ground to permanently install the heater. It also comes with brass quick couplers. There is no tank to fill and there is no concern about running out of heat. It is CSA approved.

Keep Warm Outside at Night with a Patio Heater

If you're always cold outside at night, there's no reason why you shouldn't get a second patio or deck heater. This AZ Patio Heaters model looks fun, and stylish, and definitely different from many of the other patio heaters available. The visible flame is very cool! It is about two feet high, and is definitely eye catching.

This can be a little bit difficult to put together but, once assembled, it is generally easy to use.

It is very tall, which is nice, because it seems to really increase the radius of the heat, so it be felt from further away than some of the other models. It can also be connected using the same connector as some gas grills, making it easier to use.

A Cheaper Natural Gas Patio Heater

True, this item is cheaper than other natural gas patio heaters, but it does the job. The range of heat on this one does not appear to be as wide as some others, but at the price, it does the job. The hammered bronze look can really jazz up the patio. It is natural gas, so no electricity is drawn to power the heat.

The safety shut off is also nice, especially if you have little ones (kids or pets!). It can be anchored to the patio to keep it from falling over, and that is recommended (and it comes with the long threaded bolt that you need to do this). Again, great price, would not complain about it at all!

Love your Patio or Deck with a Gas Heater

These are some of the best choices for natural gas patio heater. They warm up cold evenings and help create a great night outside in your own backyard. You can spend it looking up at the stars or gathering with your friends and family.


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