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Natural Stone Flooring: The Beautiful, Durable, Sustainable Choice

Updated on February 12, 2012

Natural Stone Floors Hold Up To Hard Use Beautifully!

Title: Pantheon Marble Floor ~ License Attribution License ~ Photographer: Andy Hay
Title: Pantheon Marble Floor ~ License Attribution License ~ Photographer: Andy Hay

Natural Stone: An Enduring Choice For A Humble Abode!

Title: Stone House ~ License: SXU License ~ Photographer: Adzica
Title: Stone House ~ License: SXU License ~ Photographer: Adzica

Natural Stone Is A Timeless Choice!

One of the oldest and most withstanding concepts in practical home beautification is natural stone. Homes have been built of stone since before recorded history. Today natural stone flooring provides a sustainable, economical choice for modern homes. Natural stone lasts for centuries, and when it is finally time to replace it, it simply returns to nature. However, replacing it is not something you are likely to have to consider. After all, there are natural limestone floors in Britain that have been in place for over 7000 years!

Real, natural stone flooring is peerless. Some tile suppliers offer products that pretend to be natural stone. These are “replica stone” and “reconstituted stone”. This type of tile is not natural stone, and it will not perform as consistently or as well as real, natural stone tiles. Synthetic imitations of natural stone just don’t stand up to wear and don’t look as beautiful as natural stone tiles.

Natural stone suppliers use three types of stone to create genuine natural stone tiles:

  • Igneous: granite
  • Metamorphic: marble & slate
  • Sedimentary: travertine & limestone

Natural stone suppliers offer this beautiful, versatile product in a variety of colors, styles and textures. Natural stone tiles come in shades ranging from the deepest black to dazzling white. Finishes range from the natural matte finish of limestone to the bright shine of marble. Both beautiful and durable, natural stone is the answer for flooring in many different applications.

Home and business owners who choose natural stone flooring will be delighted with the ease of care this durable, wise choice offers. A properly installed, properly sealed natural stone floor will maintain its beauty with simple care for centuries. Sealing will keep the color of natural stone flooring fresh and vibrant. Natural stone is one of the best wearing flooring choices in existence because it improves with age as it acquires an attractive patina of maturity. No matter how old your natural stone flooring becomes, it will always look beautiful and timely.

Copyright:SuzanneBennett:February 12, 2012


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