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Nature Therapy: Helpful in having a Sound Sleep

Updated on April 24, 2017

Everyone agrees that plants are essential part of our life. The plants are helpful in maintaining the oxygen content in the environment, these are the precious gift of nature not only maintains the oxygen content but are also helpful in other various ways. These plants planted in home not only increase the beauty and scenario of house but also cleans the environment. These plants bring positive energy, beautiful decor and they act like natural air-purifier. They are helpful in providing a sound sleep. However, there is a myth that plants kept inside the house exhale carbon dioxide at night. Then also there are some nature's plant which carry the responsibility of purifying the environment all around that also whole day and night.


Some plants which are helpful in good sleep and should be placed in your room or house are:-

  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Aloe-Vera
  • Gardenia
  • Snake Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Valerian
  • Peace Lily
  • Bamboo Palm



It is considered as one of the best air purifying plant. It is not high care or maintenance plant as it can grow in worse neglected condition also. It doesn't need to be watered frequently. Beside purifying it is also used in almost every skin related products. It makes your skin beautiful along with that it gives you a peaceful sleep. It is helpful in minor cuts and burns and produce oxygen at night due to which problem of not getting the sleep can be resolved. It is must have plant in every home.


According to the researchers, this plant reduces anxiety level leading to a good quality of sleep. Due to high quality of sleep, you might experience increase in mental alertness and lighter feeling throughout the day. Jasmine is used in decorating the hair and looks fabulous. It is a source of positive energy so keep this plant in your home or might be in bed room on window and experience the peaceful sleep.


You might have heard about the benefit of lavender oil. The lavender plant has many other benefits of planting in your home. These plants not only purify the air around you but also provide positive energy keeping your mood light. Along with that, it reduces anxiety level and tension and helps in getting more peaceful good quality sleep.

According to researchers, keeping these plants in home, small babies get deep and good sleep and does Aroma therapy. It also keeps new moms away from tension, anxiety.

Spider Plant

According to NASA, this plant removes around 85-90% of cancer causing chemical formaldehyde from air. Since this chemical is easily found in household products. It is found that along with removing this harmful chemical it also cleanses air. It also absorbs the bad odors and fumes and maintains oxygen level which gives good sleep.

Snake Plant

I want to share my personal experience with this plant. In my childhood this plant was planted in my garden but never knew that it holds such good qualities. And know i had made sure that my drawing room has these plants surely.

According to NASA, this plant is best suited for home. It produces oxygen and intakes carbon dioxide which we naturally produce thus gives much purer quality of environment all around us. So, try to keep these plants inside your room to feel fresh air and quality sleep.


The patients suffering from insomnia or anxiety, these plants are better option than taking pills. Though these plants require little attention and should be kept in a bright room but not in direct sunlight. This plant having glossy leaves and scented flowers are first choice to be kept in bedrooms. These plants help in good quality sleep according to studies.

Peace Lily

Peace lily plants are also one of the household plants which are easy to grow. They produce white flowers and continue to bloom throughout the year.

According to NASA, the peace lily helps to control carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene from the air around it and thus cleaning it , providing fresh purified air helpful in getting a good sleep.

Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palms are slow-growing, small palms are indoor potted plants. With proper care, you can grow a indoor bamboo palm to add beauty to your home. It also known as reed palm and is one of the best air purifier. The air purifiers which we buy from markets contain harmful chemical and toxins and its now high time for them to be replaced by these beautiful, scented, air purifier plants. They are easy to take care off and provide good quality sleep.


It is a tall plant with white scented flowers. Its scented flowers are used in perfumes and its roots are used in tea. According to the studies, simply inhaling the perfume of these flowers will help you to get asleep quickly.

English Ivy

These flowering plant are the species native to Europe and Western Asia. According to studies, it has been proven that this plant reduces airborne mold by 90-94% due to which gives relief to the people suffering from allergies or lung irritation.

Red Edged Dracaena

This plant is visually pleasing and grows up to 15 ft, filling up the empty spaces of your house. It is helpful in removing harmful toxins like formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene.

Golden Pothos

One of the best air purifying plants suggested by NASA. It makes a great hanging plant as the leaves drapes down in cascade form. It purifies air and helpful in proving a good quality sleep at night.

Rubber Tree

Rubber plants are low maintenance plants and are one of the best toxic eliminators. These plants are best in purifying air when it is needed the most. They need dim light and cooler temperatures.


Its a heart shaped house plant especially placed in drawing rooms. Its very easy to care and one of the most decorative plants for home decor. It absorbs formaldehyde cleansing the air.

Benefits of having Indoor Plants

  1. Help us to breathe:- These plants help us in breathing in fresh air, reducing harmful toxins and help us to sleep better at night. So. we can try to put plants like jasmine, orchid, lavender in your bedrooms.
  2. Keeps the air fresh and clean:- According to NASA studies, these plants are the best air purifier than chemical laden freshener available in markets.
  3. Assist in healing:- If your relative or family member is ill and you are going to visit them, its a good idea to carry bunch of flowers which can raise their psychological spirits and brings positivity to them. It lowers the blood pressure and anxiety level.

Things kept in mind while choosing these plants for your home:-

  1. Firstly, the main thing which should be kept in mind is that the plants you are choosing should not be toxic or allergic to your family members or pets.
  2. Choose a good mix of those plants which are air purifier and those who are scented and helpful in taking good sleep.
  3. Don't plant too many plants in small area, but give enough spacing so that you can feel the aroma of every plant.

So. it is best option of pills, to plant trees and plants inside the home, which looks beautiful, purify air, helps in quality sleep and promotes positive energy.

Plants better option to have sound sleep

Due u agree that planting these plants in home would bring postivity, good quality sleep??

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