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Navy Blue Rug

Updated on March 16, 2011

Decorating with Rugs

A navy blue rug can be the perfect addition to your home's living room, den, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. In this article we will be discussing the area rug that is navy blue in color. this is my favorite color area rug because of its versatility and for its ability to hide stains.

There are many styles of navy blue area rugs available including Persian, shag, Flokati, contemporary. and many more. The type that you choose should go with the theme of your home.The rugs can also be found in various sizes for different areas of the home. Some are made for in front of door ways, to compliment furniture, and to be used under furniture.

With so many different types of rugs available you should not have a problem finding one that will match the decor that is already present in the home.They can even be found in different shapes, including round, square, oval, and even hexagon.

Using A Navy Blue Rug In Your Home

When using a navy blue rug in your home you will need to make sure that it matches the rest of the rooms decor and fits in the area it is going,

To make sure that the rug you are thinking of putting in your home will fit, it is best to take a measurement of the area in which it will be placed. Be sure to measure both the length and the width of the room and write down the measurements, and bring them to the store with you. Do not be afraid to ask an associate for help if you have trouble finding the size that you need.

The good news about a navy blue rug is that it will likely match the rest of your homes decor without problem, no matter the theme of your home whether it be contemporary, modern, or even country.

You can shop a wide variety of navy blue rugs including Persian and hand tufted at and also the world's largest auction site eBay.

Navy Blue Rug
Navy Blue Rug

Types Of Navy Blue Rugs

There are many styles of navy blue rugs, some of the more popular styles are as follows. The Persian navy blue rug is made from an oriental pattern and will look good in most homes. The southwest navy blue rug looks best in western themed homes. Modern navy blue rugs are know more there unique patterns and as you may have guessed are best for modern themed homes.


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