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Navy Blue Shower Curtain

Updated on March 21, 2011

Create a Stylish Bathroom

Selecting a navy blue shower curtain for your home bathroom can be perfect if you are trying to create a modern nice looking bathroom. After all the shower curtain in the bathroom is most likely the largest item and the most visible. If you are starting from scratch or completely renovating a bathroom a good place to start decorating is with the shower curtain.

Once you have a shower curtain chosen for the bathroom, you can then use the color or colors in the shower curtain to compliment the rest of the bathroom. My favorite color shower curtain is navy blue and I will base the rest of this article as if we were decorating a bathroom from this color shower curtain. with this color we can create a very stylish and up to date modern looking bathroom.

Styles of Shower Curtains

Once you have decided on the bathroom color scheme, my choice of course was navy blue, you must decide what type of material to purchase a shower curtain in. You have mainly two options when it comes to this- vinyl or cotton. Either material will work fine. I usually go with cotton as a cotton shower curtain can be washed in a washing machine.

When you have decided on the type of material to purchase a shower curtain in, be sure to find the right size shower curtain for your home. To do this, take a measurement of the bathtub or shower area. Most likely you will want a shower curtain that over hangs by six inches on each side. You will also want the curtain to come six inches above the floor. If you have a movable curtain rod this can be adjusted and you will not need to worry about the curtain length as much.

In closing no matter if you choose a navy blue shower curtain or not, you must remember that the curtain will be a main part of your bathroom, hopefully for years to come. For shopping online I suggest trying or eBay.

Navy Blue Shower Curtain
Navy Blue Shower Curtain


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