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Navy Blue Valance

Updated on March 16, 2011

What is a Valance

A navy blue valance is a type of drapery or curtain that is used with window treatments. You will most likely find this type of window treatment hung along the top of the window and does not normally hang more than a foot below the curtain rod. They are also normally straight and can have fringe or not.

Now you do not normally use a window treatment valance on its on. Normal window curtains are still used behind the window valance. This gives the overall window treatment more of a stylish look because it will be double layered instead of the single layer that you would get with just window curtains. With the double layer of adding a navy blue valance a more creative and decorative window treatment can created.

Decorating with a Navy Blue Valance Curtain

When decorating with a navy blue valance the homeowner can create very stylish window treatments. Window valance can be used in any room in the house no matter if it is the bathroom or the living room. You should however like with curtains, stick to the same color and style valance within the same room.

When using a valance curtain, you will need to use a double window rod. This way you can place the valance on one rod and the normal window curtain on the other. Almost always the valance goes on the outside and the curtain on the inside rod. Special made valance rods can also be used, these are thicker than the normal curtain rod and are made to enclose the normal curtain rod so that it can not be seen.

When choosing a navy blue valance you will need to decide if you want to purchase a complete window treatment set or the curtains and valance separate. Both ways of purchasing have their advantages. With buying a set you know that the treatments will match, but when buying separately you can be more creative and use a wider array of styles and colors.

You can purchase navy window valances online at and also the world's largest auction site eBay.

Navy Blue Valance
Navy Blue Valance


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