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The Best Net Bed Canopies

Updated on February 27, 2011
Though canopies made of netting can be modern, they have been around for quite a while, as you can see from this 1878 bridal chamber in the Windsor Hotel in Montreal, Canada.
Though canopies made of netting can be modern, they have been around for quite a while, as you can see from this 1878 bridal chamber in the Windsor Hotel in Montreal, Canada. | Source

Nothing adds romance to a bed like a netted canopy.  Mesh canopies can be modern or old-timey, adorned or simple, exotic or traditional.  Styles of net bed canopies used to be quite limited, but now there are many choices in many colors - I'll walk you through the best ones below.

There are some really great ones! I'll break them down by four-poster options, single hook options (four corner square and round), and children's' options.

When choosing a net canopy for your bedroom (or living room, or backyard, or anywhere else!), keep these things in mind:

  • Your room's color scheme
  • What will be under your canopy (this will influence the size and type of canopy you pick)
  • Whether or not you want this net bed canopy to serve for decoration or mosquito netting (or both!)

Prices for all these canopies range from $7 to $30, making them a very reasonable means of sprucing up a room.

Four Poster Canopies

If you have a four poster bed, especially one with a frame, you should get a four poster canopy. These come in many different colors (to your right you'll see white, black, green, and pink), and look great, but can also act as really effective mosquito netting.

Even if you do not have a four poster bed, you can still get one of these canopies - you'll simply have to hang it from four points in your ceiling instead of one.

These canopies also make for charming accents you can add to another room that has a lot of wide open space - you could even have one on hand to hang as an impromptu tent in the midst of a room when you have a temporary bed set up or want to have a fun living room picnic and make life seem a bit more exotic.

Four Corner Square Canopies

If you do not have a large four poster bed but still want a canopy that has a larger top support than that of the smaller rounded netted canopies, a four corner square canopy is a great bet.

These offer the convenience of hanging from one hook in the ceiling, and many of them also have really nice girly finishes near the top that make them a bit more interesting.

Classic Rounded Canopies

The net bed canopy that I grew up with was one of these simple white canopies with a rounded ring at the top.

You really can't go wrong with these - while they are not really built for mosquito protection, they make for great decoration at the head of a bed, and are also easy to install.

These netted canopies can also make a great accent to living room corners that need a little bit of whimsy and light. I'm considering doing just this for my own living room!

Though most of these simple, rounded styles are white (or pink, for the kids), there are some other color options - I've added a green bed canopy to the left for you to check out.  Nevertheless, I think that white makes for the ultimate modern canopy bed look.  

Children's Net Bed Canopies

Let's be honest - nearly all of the net bed canopies that are marketed specifically toward children are intended for little girls. They're pink. They're adorable. And they are very, very girly.

Some of them have added lace, bows, or other trimmings like butterflies. Others just have fun colors.

If you do intend to get one of these, check its size before making your purchase. Some of the rings at the top of these children's canopies are pretty small.

Now, even if you're an adult and you're in the market for canopies, I would still consider having a look at these. The colors are fun, and they're a great way to add playfulness and whimsy to a room.

You could use these canopies for fancy picnics, fun portable forts for the kids, and a way to dress up a camping site.  I even saw one instance of someone adding the pink butterfly canopy to an office - what a fun way to spruce up your workplace!

Net bed canopies are inexpensive and effortless - have fun with them!
Net bed canopies are inexpensive and effortless - have fun with them! | Source


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      mj smullen 

      7 years ago

      this was actually super helpful...thanks!


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