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Nevada Portfolio Energy Credits: Rebates For Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Updated on July 27, 2010

 With a Las Vegas on side and Reno on the other, Nevada glows from the desert to the mountains with the opportunity win or lose a fortune.  This ideal can only be matched in its "all-in" minded profile with a rebate program that covers most Nevadians who perform energy efficiency measures to their homes.

Portfolio Energy Credits

Normally, portfolio energy credits (PECs) are issue to a homeowner who installs a solar, wind, or hydro electrical generation system. These point accumulate over teh billing month and are tracked by your home's meter.  The more PECs you get, the more the utility company buys back from you.  This equates to a very small utility bill or actually getting paid to use your electricity.  This is not a rebate program, but an ongoing incentive program.  This program is not a permanent pay system, but will payout  based on the PEC points for 4 years.

PECs are calculated by the utility company as follows:   "One PEC represents one kilowatt-hour of electricity generated, with the exception of photovoltaic, for which 2.4 PECs are credited for each kilowatt-hour generated. Customer-maintained distributed renewable energy systems receive a 0.05 adder for each kilowatt-hour generated" (2010, DSIRE).

The two largest utility companies in Nevada, Nevada Power and Sierra Pacific Power sponsor this program and other programs.  For more information on the limited programs for efficiency in Nevada, visit


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