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New Airplane Seat Design “SkyRider”, Helps Low Cost Airlines To Fly More People

Updated on March 25, 2011

Aviointeriors S.P.A showcased their latest airplane seat called the SkyRider at “Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas 2010” held on 14 to 16 September 2010 in Long Beach, California.

The SkyRider has been designed and engineered to allow more people in planes by reducing the distance between seats to only 23 inch or less, from the normal average of 28 inch.

Even with less leg room, the new seat is still comfortable for low fare passengers.

It's defines as a new basic class. The passenger’s seating position is similar to that of a touring motor-scooter rider.

This will help budget airlines to fly more people at the same time reduce the flight tickets. With a dual or three class seating arrangement, budget airlines could fly up to the maximum certified passenger capacity of the aircraft.

The seat structure itself also provides space for personal baggage.

The SkyRider


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