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New Beginnings: Getting Organized! Project Vanity

Updated on April 2, 2015

Brianna and I

With my most trusted ally, we successfully accomplished this project in exactly 50 minutes!
With my most trusted ally, we successfully accomplished this project in exactly 50 minutes!

My Background

Between work, volunteering, school, writing, and spending time with my family, I have the tendency to be a little more than absent-minded when it comes to my house hold. Organization is a trait that I've always admired, but have never achieved in the long term.

Ever since I was a small child, my family and I moved around a lot, sometimes several times a year. In order to avoid the pains of transition, I would never fully settle into a new space. This became more apparent as I grew into an adult. For example, my husband and I have entire closets devoted to unpacked boxes from our last move, back in 2012.

It's a waste of our time, our space, and our resources to live this way. That's why I'm making changes now. We're going to be moving to a new town in July, and I'm not going to bring those old habits with me!

I'm am blessed with an amazing best friend; she is my support system. If you are reading this article for guidance because you struggle with a messy home, I strongly recommended that you find somebody that is willing to accompany you in your journey to developing a clean and organized home.


The Process of Elimination

As you can see, my top counter was layered with stuff. Disinfectant wipes, duct tape, and Christmas decorations were just a few of the random objects that were polluting my bathroom vanity! I didn't know how or why all that junk was there, but I had to declutter my space.

Brianna and I spent the next 25 minutes:

1. Removing trash and miscellaneous objects from the space.

2. Grouping like items such as oral hygiene and hair care.

3. Using an old box to collect expired and unused medications.

Everything Has a Place

After elimination, Brianna and I devoted another 25 minutes to creating and assigning spaces. We had everything we needed at the ready, this included: labels, a permanent marker, wall hooks, and recycled pill bottles. The labels have a very light stick, so they only need to last as long as it takes to establish the habit of putting things where they belong.


Getting Creative with Space

For over two years, my husband and I religiously struggled over where we would hang our wet towels. He would drape his towel over the back of our couch, and I would move it. He would try to find his towel and be clueless as to where I put it. I would drape mine over the back of a plastic chair. He would use the chair and put the towel on the floor. We then tried draping them over our bedroom doors. That worked well, but we both agreed that it didn't look right. Fortunately I solved my problem with less than $5.00 and 2 minutes of my time by using wall hooks with sticky adhesive backs.

Using What You Have

I don't have a lot of extra cash floating around, so I try to take advantage of what I have laying around the house. While I was organizing my vanity, I found a couple of empty medicine bottles. I covered their labels with a fresh blank one, and instantly had a brand new container for small miscellaneous items such as bobby pins. I also found an empty tissue box, which created a storage space for unused, empty medicine. I also found an old Q-Tip travel container, which now houses my earring collection.

Regina Leeds
Regina Leeds | Source

Mental Preparation

In addition to the help I receive from Brianna, I'm also applying the practical advice of professional organizer and author, Regina Leeds. This process involves journaling, personal reflection, and analyzing your space. I'm still gleaning bits and pieces of her age old wisdom which will become more apparent throughout my venture, but I would like to end this article today on a quote.

"I'm not interested in merely creating a pretty picture in your home. I want your environment to be not only beautiful but functional, so that is serves you rather than saps your energy. In turn, you will be free to more easily focus on and achieve success with your life's purpose..." Regina Leeds from her book, The 8-Minute Organizer.

Do you struggle with maintaining a clean and organized space?

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