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New Mexico: Cooling Down With Hot Energy Rebates

Updated on July 27, 2010

New Mexico is a hot and dry place to live that during the summer months, can be very hot. But so are the reabte programs available to New Mexican residents. With the use of these rebate programs, New Mexico can drastically reduce it's carbon footprint and rolling blackouts.

EPE Energy Saving Programs

EPE (El Paso Electric Company) offers two different programs to save it's customers money on energy efficiency upgrades to their homes. One program is directed entirley to cooling equipment, while the other has a broader range of rebates for insulation and building envelope measures. The following is a list of rebated items by program:

EPESaver Home Efficiency Program

Heat Pump Incentive: Varies by project specifications
Ceiling Insulation: Varies by project specifications
Floor Insulation: Varies by project specifications
Wall Insulation: Varies by project specifications
Air Infiltration Control: $0.075/CFM reduction (Gas); $0.239/CFM reduction (Electric)
Duct Sealing/Insulation: $0.19/kWh or $200/kW
Solar Screens: $1/sq. ft.

EPE Saver High Efficiency Cooling Program

Evaporative Cooling Window Unit: up to $300
Single Stage Evaporative Cooling Units: $300 - $400
Indirect/Two Stage Evaporative Cooling Units: $500 - $600
Central AC Split System Units: $175 - $225
Central Heat Pump Split System Units: $225 - $275
Ground Source Heat Pump: $300

Both of these programs can be applied for at the same time, however the application is different for both of them. For more information on these programs, contact EPE.

Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

This program is wider reaching around New Mexico than the EPE programs, but is specifically directed to household appliances. The items available for rebate are as follows:

Refrigerator/Freezers: $80 per unit
Clothes Washers: $40 per unit
Dishwashers: $30 per unit
Water Heaters: $70 per unit
If unit is controlled by a timer or has a low-wattage (3kW or less) element: additional $50/unit
Lifetime warranty: additional $50/unit

These programs are participating utility programs in which not all utilities in New Mexico participate. To find out if your utility is a participant in one of these or other efficiency programs, contact your local utility company.

Rebate Programs In Neighboring States






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