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New Neighbors

Updated on November 14, 2013

Don't bring the neighborhood down

Rules for new members of the community and neighborhood

Everyone has anxiety when someone news moves into the neighborhood or community. Everyone hopes for a considerate new neighbor; an assimilating member of the neighborhood; or at least you hope.

This article is written for the perpetrators and victims of people that move into a community and bring unwanted elements to the neighborhood. Let me be clear about the situation.

You are in a nice community and all of a sudden the new renters/tenants decide that loud music is needed in your neighborhood. Everyone else keeps a manicured lawn and the new renters/tenants decide that toys should be sprawled out all over their front lawn. The neighborhood was quiet and now all of a sudden the new renters/tenants decide to bring their loud operating vehicles that provide oil spots and decrease the value of the community.

Perpetrators; Do you realize your neighbors HATE you? Do people who commit such atrocities really realize that your neighbors can't stand the site you?

Perpetrators:Your neighbors are wondering why you chose a safe/good community to live in and then decided to bring down the value of the neighborhood. The million dollar question that remains unanswered for the tenant/renters is: you avoided neighborhoods that practice such operations and wanted a better community so why are you tearing the community down rather than blending in and building/sustaining the community?

Having class or acquiring status requires a certain knowledge of how operate within that class level and assimilating to the operations of a nice community. People avoid certain neighborhoods for peace of mind and safety but there is no use of entering an area and bringing the riff-raff a.k.a. criminals in and out of the neighborhood.

While there are some people who took advantage of living in a better community by acquiring foreclosure property, people need to respect the community. You shouldn't move in and make your property the eyesore of the neighborhood.

Rules to Follow:

If no one else is doing what you are doing; don't be a trend setter. Most likely your activity is inappropriate.

Be considerate of your neighbors and don't bring down the neighborhood.

Pickup your trash off the ground, don't litter!

Make sure the people you invite respect the operations of the community as well.

Loud vehicles are a no-no. The old school rule of thumb dictates that no matter how loud you like to hear your music, turn it down low when you are driving around a residential district.

Turn your television and radio down; no one wants to hear your thumps through the wall, music, or movie all the way down the block. UNACCEPTABLE. There is no reason for you to play your television so loud that it mimics surround sound at AMC theatres.

Remember perpetrators that it is your responsibility to blend into the neighborhood you chose. If the neighborhood is peaceful there is no need for you to be loud.

Why take the time to desire to be away from high crime, poor communities, and low performing schools and then bring the element you claim to try and escape? When you move into a community respect the culture of the neighborhood and stop being a problem and nuisance to your neighbors.

To the victims, stay strong. Do all you can to imply what is acceptable in the neighborhood. Perhaps have someone create a welcome to the neighborhood package which helps others to know the protocol when it comes to trash pickup, bins, and the culture of the community. Perhaps using phrases such as “Thank you for keeping our community quiet, beautiful, and absent of crime.” Hint Hint

***This rant is not based on color but based on class level or lack thereof.


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