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New or Old Commercial Oven

Updated on April 6, 2017

New or Old Commercial Oven

Deciding between new commercial Microwave Ovens or old is a tough decision. One has to check for the fulfillment of all the expectations which are not always realized. When it comes to oven, the questions are even more – to go for gas or electric oven. And if you are confused about a new or an old oven then here are some of the points to help you through the confusion.

New or Used Commercial Oven?

Both the units – new and old – come with different set of benefits. And there’s not much difference in their functioning and cooking most of the times. However, old one may also have issues regarding maintenance, so it is suggested to check each & every function properly before getting a second hand unit. There still remain chances certain features not working fine of the unit.

A new unit may just be more effective owing to the technological improvisation. And while getting a new unit, it is essential to make a balance between how much are you ready to pay and how many updated features are you getting in that oven.

Suggestions for buying a Used Commercial Oven

The second hand ovens may have an affordable price, but do expect higher maintenance cost for such a unit. So ensure that it doesn’t add to unnecessary expense so as to minimize that. It is advisable to go for gas powered unit which is devoid of electronic control because the former is energy effectual, and comes with a simple design, so the repairing shall be less and durability remains high. On the contrary, electronic or computerized ovens are prone damage, and hence have a high maintenance cost.

Ensure that the used oven has a good door seal along with the capacity to hold and temperature remains appropriate. If you find something is wrong in the unit, get in touch with the manufacturer and get to know how grave it is and how much it would cost to fix it up permanently. It is better to know the repair costs beforehand so that you opt for a better deal among all the choices. Otherwise there is no difference between paying for a new unit or old.

Qualities to Expect for in a New Unit

It is obvious to consider an oven as per the requirement at the restaurant. If you are planning to grab a gas oven then check that your commercial kitchen has the similar type of gas along with the pressure of gas that oven uses. And match the size of oven with the biggest food item to be cooked at your commercial setting. Moreover, it is also used for multiple food stuffs at the same time, so ensure that the rack has the capacity to hold a number of pans containing food. The oven should be insulated properly as it tells about the efficiency and temperature. Don’t forget to check that it has the certification to be used as a commercial oven. Lastly, the place that you choose to buy oven from should be a star rated catering equipment suppliers.

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