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New or used restaurant equipment for home cooks. Great value!

Updated on September 28, 2008

Imagine cooking with this baby!

new or used restaurant equipment

There are a great many differences between a professional kitchen and a home kitchen (thank goodness!) but one of the reasons why commercial kitchens can pump out so much food is the quality of professional restaurant kitchen equipment.

Home cooks, even the best home cooks, don’t generally have equipment of the same caliber, durability and quality of restaurant kitchen equipment, and for the most part they don’t need it…but there are a few items much better sourced from your local restaurant supply store than from anywhere else.

Restaurant supply equipment won’t look as nice, may cost as much (many times it won’t) but it will last for a lifetime of home use, and will work very very well.

Pots and pans

Most professional kitchens aren’t using those shiny stainless steel pieces of art that grace the kitchen's of better home cooks. They are using relatively cheap, not all that beautiful, but incredibly functional heavy gauge aluminum pots and pans, and they will take any abuse you can imagine and keep on providing great even cooking. They are also much cheaper than pans of a comparable quality sold to home cooks…a lot cheaper!


Forget about the top-of-the line home model, and go for the bottom-of-the range professional. The cost will be equivalent, but the power, durability and control will be far better on the professional model. Restaurant ranges are made with a minimum of 6 high powered gas rings and have extra space for loading up with pans at the ready. They will last forever, will boil a pot of water in a minute and hold a rock solid simmer all day. They also look great, are almost always stainless and usually even come with a great service warranty.

Indoor grills

Forget about your George Forman grill, and for a few hundred dollars get a professional indoor grill. Incredible BTUage, stainless steel to last and burgers and steaks all year round!

Plates etc.

Restaurants know that their plates are going to take a pounding, and they only buy table wear that's as close to indestructible as possible. Buy one affordable professional caliber set of dishes and enjoy it for a lifetime.

The used restaurant equipment option

As we all know too well, the restaurant business is a risky one…and for every restaurant that makes it a lot don't. There is always a surplus of used restaurant equipment on the market, and often at unbelievable prices. A lot can be sourced through the internet, and for the price of a mid range home product, you could get a professional kitchen product, ready to last a lifetime and looking good as new. These things are not meant to break after a year or two, and sadly, there are a lot of restaurants that don’t even last that long.

Restaurant supply stores are rarely on main shopping streets, and more often in your industrial or wholesale district, but it's well worth a visit next time you're in the mood to upgrade. Get out the yellow pages, or check the internet, and get great value quality professional products for your home.

A professional kitchen...not pretty but it works!


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    • profile image

      Eric Flores 4 years ago

      This is a good wealth of information for anyone looking to set up, or continue to run, a restaurant. Thanks for taking the time to make this well-thought-out hub.

      I prefer to buy things new for my restaurant, but used can be good too- depending on your budget and what not. Anywhere you'd recommend to buy used equipment? Best place I found for new is here: , but as far as the used stuff I haven't a clue!

    • profile image

      Cheap Restaurant Supply 8 years ago

      Great hub! Used restaurant equipment can be a very cost efficient way to achieve success in the restaurant industry. But remember, never compromise quality with price. Sometimes you have to pay a little more for better quality and insurance.

    • profile image

      Restaurant equipment 8 years ago

      Good Info Hub.

      A good online source for restaurant equipment and supply.