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Wonderful Garden Design Based on Your Own Preference

Updated on January 30, 2017

Garden Design

Cool Garden Design
Cool Garden Design | Source

We are sometimes confused about considering the most fabulous garden. According to the examples, they come in many pictures to be great garden design. It is a special concept in there. The magic rule is going to be the nice thing for you to hire expert designers. They have knowledge of this matter. Garden design should be better to apply in the great place next to your house. It is to attract other persons to come in enjoying its beauty. This is good when people are going to choose garden with great design. It is to develop their place as a part of house. It drives the performance of the space to be more wonderful. It is also to attract people in getting a smart idea in that space well, so the garden design must be wonderful. Let’s check 10 types of Garden design here!

1. Front Yard Garden

Front Yard Garden

Marvelous Large Front Yard Garden
Marvelous Large Front Yard Garden | Source

This type of garden should be found in front of your house to attract all people with its beauty. You are able to touch it by planting flowers in many colors. We can also put fresh green grass to drive the atmosphere to become cool. Adding a footstep from the gate to our house’s door would be nice. This front yard garden could be a large size, medium size, and small size. It is based on your size of the front yard.

2. Back Yard Garden

Backyard garden means that this garden should be located in the back part of your house. There are many people like back yard garden. They would like to make an outdoor atmosphere by putting some tables and chairs. They usually use backyard garden for family time. So, they place outdoor dining room and outdoor kitchen next to backyard garden. This is awesome. We can have a nice gathering with family. Enjoying fresh air and atmosphere from the garden is nice too.

3. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden


Many people also like botanical garden to enjoy the fresh atmosphere. This type of garden has many kinds of species. The collection must be various. Creating botanical garden is not easy. You will need many types of tree. The botanical garden can consist of vegetable collections, tropical plantations, and also greenhouses. The exotic plantation should be in there too. We would like to see the great botanical garden in certain place. It means that it is not easy to find the botanical garden in every region.

4. Cottage Garden

It is almost like English garden. The cottage garden is about fabulous garden style next to the cottage. There are also many cottage gardens in the British style. The informal style of this garden drives many people to like it. The gardens are usually planted with some types of flowers in different colors bloom. There should be the traditional atmosphere. It is why the gardener builds traditional cottage style too. A summer time with the direct warm sun is going to add nice atmosphere there.

5. Dutch Garden

The certain type of Dutch garden is about the shape. You have to know that Dutch garden has usually rectangular design. There are any pictures of Dutch garden. You can see that the shape is symmetrical done. We usually find this type of garden end with hedges or with the low wall. Large and rectangular become specific construction of this garden. Fresh and clean water in the pond should also be added there. The flowers are always great and high type.

6. English Garden

It is actually imitated from French style of garden and Chinese culture style. The name of English garden becomes popular with its style. The type of garden is usually added with lakes or large water pounds. A Classic temple is usually found in this kind of garden. There is also the bridge to be adopted in the garden style. This garden is loved by kids and many people to make recreation with fresh air.

7. Fairy Garden

This is a type of miniature garden landscape in small size. People like to have fairy garden for having fun with small size landscape. Many little and small scenes should be adopted in this miniature. There are including tables, chairs, and also small fairy statue. We are usually implementing the inspiration of dream in real miniature. The landscape is usually done based on the style. We take, for example, Rock fairy garden which has been added by small pebbles as rocks. The small cottage is also nice there.

8. Flower Garden

Flower Garden


This kind of garden should be created from certain inspiration. The inspiration is from growing variety of flowers. That is because many people like colorful flower blooms. It is a wonderful time with the special atmosphere of fresh air. The fresh green grass is wet and cool for the condition. This place could be a recreation park. Growing variety of flower could be done by professional garden designers. So, if you would like to have the private flower garden, you are able to hire them.

9. Rock Garden

Rock Garden


Rock garden could be designed in small size up to largest size. The most popular goal is an aesthetic style of the garden with short green grass and some kinds of plantations. So, perfect arrangement of rock would be marvelous view. Adding flower plants is going to be good for the rock garden.

10. Vegetable Garden



Growing vegetable should be different with growing flower. A vegetable garden is a place for planning vegetable. It can be next to your house. Many gardeners like to have the vegetable garden near their house. You could grow the variety of vegetables to grown in there. Each kind of vegetable plants would be separated in each bed. The beds have usually wooden edging. Creating garden beds for separating vegetable is better for having the maximal harvest.

Happy Gardening !!!


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