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No Man is an Island Till he Buys His Own Private Island

Updated on June 24, 2015

Wait a Minute

Before you leave this page out of disbelief or uncertainty of accuracy, take a second to fathom the very idea of owning an island, and the premise behind it.

I began this article very excited about sharing this idea with the common person that he or she may be able to take advantage of what must have been an oversight by the the owners of these islands. That a person could easily purchase a small piece of heaven for less than the price of a brand new classy suv astounded me. When you think of the possiblity of owning an island, the means to achieving that typically involves coming into a large sum of money or having a string of connections. It has become one of those goals that are just so near the realm of possibility and only compeletely achievable for the ones who dwell in high-status.

Belief is a Beautiful Armour

I realized something, it was that ultimately, what keeps a person from considering such a notion is this gap between someone like myself, pretty much struggling to make ends meet, and someone like Sir Richard Branson, or Johnny Depp, or Ruper Murdoch. Yes, they all own an island, and have made it as exclusive and luxurious as possible, quite far beyond most of our imaginations.

Well, I thought to myself, why? And it is this same why that has been plaguing the world for a centuries, since the injustice of wealth and poverty. This same why that has caused rebellions across many nations, incited revolutions among the most composed of people, and continues to provoke the 99% who toil and worry each day about how they will make it through to the next. This "Why" churns up questionable, yet captivating conspiracy theories and surmises that this ever expanding divide between the rich and the struggling must be due to esoteric happenings much beyond the control of us "regular" people.

"Belief is a beautiful Armour, made for the heaviest souls" - John Mayer


I started to feel that the true reason behind the existence of us and this supposed elite class due to our own beliefs. We have adversely ascended the rich onto the untouchable pedestal. The truth is, and will always be that if a person looks beyond the facade that another creates, we will transcend the impossibilities of being one another. Take an example from everyone's past; typically for most people in grade school, there was always that one kid you envied. He/she had everything you wanted or at least one thing that separated them from you. This one thing seemed to bring them the light, glory, and affection from the people around that that was missing from your existence at the time. But then, you grew up, and slowly you grew out of that perception. Now you can look back, and see how trivial it might have been and that in all seriousness, unless you were lacking the basic necessities of life, such as food, shelter, and love, you two were no different. Just like that we can overcome the divide which removes us from those impossibles and pushes us closer to our goals.

"Before man can reach his destination, he must dream the impossibility of the journey" - Anonymous

  • Price - Depending on where you want to purchase it, an island can run you from millions of dollars to $30,000 American. Prices are based on size of land, development and location, with the cheapest of islands being in areas with very low cost of living.
  • Location - With a large concentration of the most affordable located in Central and South America, as well as Southern Asia, one is not limited to just the tropics. There are also rather cheap islands off the coast of North America, including Canada.
  • Effort - This deals with accessibility of the property and how developed the land is. Take some time to do research on the country, and their regulations in regards to purchasing and building. Like any new construction, you will need permits, to check the environmental impacts, and to contact the proper authorities as to the clarity of rights and titles.
  • Ecology - It is wise to look into the natural wildlife and other local inhabitants of the. How will your structures affect the ecosystem, and how can you accommodate or integrate this into the development so as to not cause any problems in the future. This may come to your advantage if there are fruits, farms, or livestock native to the grounds.
  • Utilities - Some islands may already come with electricity, telephone poles, and plumbing, some may not. This will all fall into place according to where you buy and how you want it.

So then, the possibilities amount

Allowing yourself the possibility to dream, is by far, the greatest expression of freedom ever. But do not just stop at the dream, allow it to become known. And so we begin the turn around of allowing the "WHY" to become "Why Not?" and that is where we lead ourselves onto the correct path to achieving our goals. Interestingly enough, a therapist once told me that there are no shoulds. All this after years of being told that shoulds are the necessity to a balanced and organized life. Approaching the thought of owning your own island with "Why Not?" and no "Shoulds" will brighten up anyone's day, if not increase the feasibility, then at least amuse you for a while.

Coming back to the subject of this article, purchasing your own island, yes it's possible and it can be one of your choices in owning real estate. With the serious intent of purchasing your own island (Exciting!), here are a list of considerations:

What each of these considerations mean have been outlined and defined in the capsule to the right ------>>>>


Here Are Few Very Affordable Islands For Those Believers



Title: Isla Gatun

Country: Panama, Central America

Price: US $30,000

Size: 0.74 acres

Location: Lake Gatun



Title: McGibbon Island

Country: New Brunswick, Canada

Price: US $34,900

Size: 6.25 acres

Location: St. John River near Fredericton



Title: Pigeon Island

Country: Nicaragua, Central America

Price: US $69,000

Size: 7.2 acres

Location: 15 miles south of Bluefields



Title: Mavuva Island Lots

Country: Fiji, Oceania

Price: US $125,000

Size: 42 acres

Location: Fiji, Great Sea Reef, Vanua Levu


I do understand that for some of you who do take the time to look over some of what I've said, this may seem ridiculous to you. For me, to be able to purchase an island, just the possibility is more than enough to begin investing belief in it's potential. For you, it may be something else you've always wanted to do. It doesn't have to be an island, or property or money. Whatever it is, the point of this article is to allow yourself to believe and to not let yourself be the barrier that keeps life always at arm's reach.

"It is impossible, until it is done" - Nelson Mandela


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    • catalystsnstars profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Land of Nod

      @precy anza, aren't they nice? I wish they were mine though, last time I saw a beach like that was never. Lol.

    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 

      6 years ago from USA

      Those photos are beautiful! The first one wakes me want so fresh coconut! ^-^'


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