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No More Lake Weeds Or Mucky Lake Bottom

Updated on May 18, 2011

Lake Weed and Muck Solutions

If you have a lake house, you know what pain staking work it is to keep your beach and water front area looking beautiful. Part of keeping this area beautiful is having a clean, weed free and muck free area to swim in. For many people, keeping lake weeds away and always having to deal with muck is lots of work, and sometimes so many chemicals are used to get rid of them that can damage the ecosystem of the entire lake. Fortunately, there is a safe and effective way to get rid of these disturbances with no chemicals necessary.

Everyone knows how annoying and gross it is to have to trudge through weeds and muck just to go for a swim in your lake. The LakeMat is a completely reliable and chemical free mat to get rid of all of your aquatic weed problems. The LakeMat is a lightweight, 20 ft or 30 ft by 12 ft blanket that you lay on the bottom of the lake in the area where you have lake weed problems. Since the mat is made from a unique fabric, it allows water and gas to flow through easily while only allowing less than 1% of sunlight to reach beneath the mat. With such little sunlight seeping through, the weeds underneath are naturally killed because they photosynthesis can no longer happen. This means that aquatic herbicides or back breaking lake raking are not needed. Within about 3 weeks there will be no weeds left under your mat. The fact that you are only covering a desirably small area means that all other weeds are left untouched so you do not disrupt the natural environment, but at the same time you have an enjoyable area to be in.

The MuckMat is very similar to the LakeMat. The only difference between the two is the MuckMat has a specially designed grid on the bottom of your mat which is the secret for keeping you from sinking into the muck. The grids help evenly distribute a person’s weight and make walking in even the muckiest of areas a breeze.

The LakeMat and MuckMat are simple solutions to such an annoying problem that seems to be reoccur every year. Luckily, both have a 5 year guarantee against any type of defect in the material. The lightweight fabric is virtually weightless when in the water allowing the mats to be easily installed by one or two people. Not to mention the mats are easily moved from place to place so you are able to control exactly where you want and don’t want lake weeds and muck. These mats are such a simple way to control the annoying and gross weeds and muck in your lake without using chemicals that hurt many other types of plants, fish or other forms of wildlife inside the waters. In reality, there is no better or environmentally friendlier choice to help control your aquatic problems than the LakeMat.

MuckMat Video


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