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No More Scrubbing with the Whirlpool's Power Scour Dishwasher Jets

Updated on December 14, 2007

Even if you love cooking, chances are that you don't enjoy cleaning the inevitable dirty dishes that accumulate every time you bake, sauté, or stir-fry a meal. Those who own dishwashers are often frustrated by finding food clinging to their casserole dishes even after they've been run through a full cycle in the wash.

Many people find themselves soaking and scrubbing their dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, in the hopes of increasing the chances that they'll actually be clean when the wash cycle is complete. If you're tired of having to deal with dishpan hands even though you have a dishwasher, it may be time for you to check out the Whirlpool Gold® dishwasher with Power Scour technology.

Targeted Action Dishwasher

This powerful kitchen appliance has 36 targeted jets that work together to efficiently blast off even tough baked-on food without the need for rinsing, soaking, or scrubbing dirty dishes before running through the dishwasher. The appliance is designed to adapt the force with which it attacks dirty dishes based on how dirty the dishes actually are.

Adaptive Technology

Even though the Whirlpool dishwasher with Power Scour technology is tough enough to eliminate even the most stubborn messes, it's also gentle enough to clean delicate glassware and all other types of dishwasher safe kitchenware. Because of the adaptive technology used in this appliance, you can combine delicate glassware and casseroles covered in baked on foods in the same dishwasher load.

Energy Efficiency

The technology utilized in this dishwasher model also results in energy savings, because the wash cycle is programmed to change based on the size of the load. This helps reduce energy costs and also serves to save water. You can also select a shorter cycle, which of course uses less water and energy, for dishwasher loads that don't include heavily soiled items.

Design Considerations

Another unique feature of this particular model of Whirlpool dishwasher is that the interior is not white. Depending on the model selected, the lining of the appliance is either slate colored or stainless steel. The inside of the dishwasher stays new looking longer, because the darker color interior doesn't show stains as easily or quickly as white dishwasher linings.

Whirlpool Gold dishwashers with Power Scour technology are available in shades that coordinate well with any kitchen décor. The appliance is available in white, black, biscuit, and stainless steel.

Save Your Hands

When you upgrade your dishwasher to a Whirlpool Gold model with Power Scour, you can save your hands from the drying effects of constantly scrubbing and pre-rinsing dishes. With this technology advanced and energy efficient dishwasher, you can actually depend on your dishwasher to handle getting your dishes clean, no matter how dirty they are when you load them into the appliance.


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  • Whitney05 profile image

    Whitney 10 years ago from Georgia

    Good advice. I've never been a dishwasher fan. But, I will admit, they work wonders on your dishes when they're working properly.