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Non Slip Bath Mats - a must for anyone with kids

Updated on October 11, 2014

If you’re looking for an accessory for your bathroom that is both useful and looks good, you should think about purchasing a non slip bath mat. This may not sound like a very exciting item but modern bath mats come in a wide range of styles and designs and can really help to lift the décor of your bathroom. Remember that bathrooms can be dangerous places when wet and it’s not just the very young or very old who are at risk of injury. By using a non slip mat, you reduce the risk of injury while at the same time adding a fun design accent to your bathroom floor.

Non slip bath mats are usually made entirely of rubber or a vinyl material or they are backed with rubber and have a cotton or synthetic surface. A rubber bath mat is completely waterproof and can be used within your bathtub, whereas the other type are designed to catch drips when you get out of the bath or shower and are placed on the bathroom floor. Rubber bath mats can easily be used in your bath or shower or on the floor outside.

Styles of non slip bath mat

There are many different styles of non slip bath tub mat so you should have no problem finding on to suit your bathroom. Clever designers have turned the non slip properties into attractive design features so you can make a statement in your bathroom while still staying practical and safe. Some of the funkiest mats you can buy are designed to look like bubbles or pebbles on your bathroom floor. The ridges in the mat collect water and provide a great non slip surface while the design looks like an expensive accessory.

You can also buy "grippy dots" like the ones pictured to the right, instead of a mat. While a mat completely covers the surface of your bath, these dots simply improve the grip of the existing surface. This is a great choice for unusual shapes or small bathtubs, where a traditional mat won't fit well

Properties of anti slip mats

It is vital that the bath mat you choose is securely anchored to your bathtub or bathroom floor so it retains its non slip properties. Cheap bath mats often let water leak underneath the mat and they will then slip out of place. Good quality non slip bath mats use either suction cups to attach to a smooth service or a self adhesive backing that is applied to your bath or shower. Some vinyl bath mats also come impregnated with an anti bacterial agent which is great for enhancing your bathroom hygiene.

There are also many fun designs of bath mats designed for children that also functions as a safety bath mat. Using a bath mat is essential when bathing a child as they are likely to try to climb out of the bath or stand up and slip. Children’s bath mats come in designs of favorite characters like Winnie the Pooh and some even include heat sensors so you can tell the bath water is at exactly the right temperature before you put your child in it. These handy mats change color to warn you if the bath water is too hot to avoid accidental scalding.

Where to buy non slip bath mats

You can buy anti slip mats at any home ware supply stores but one of the best places to start your search is online. By looking at several websites you can find the best designs of non slip bath mat and compare prices to make sure you get the best value for money. You can also read reviews from previous purchasers so you’ll be sure that the non slip mat you purchase works well and is long lasting.

The price of a non slip bath mat can vary from just a few dollars for a basic model to up to fifty dollars for one of the more stylish designed varieties. For such a low cost, there is no excuse not to equip your bath or shower room with a bath mat or non slip shower mat which will prevent accidents and add color and design to your bathroom.

There are a wide selection of non slip bath and shower mats available online and I've linked to some of the most popular in this article. As you can see, there is a huge range of styles available ranging from plain white, which would work great if you don't want the mat to be too visible, to bright and colourful, which are perfect for children

Bathing babies and children

One of the most important uses of a non slip mat is when you're bathing babies and young children. Wet skin is very slippy and your baby can slip out of your hands and under the water in a fraction of a second. Using a rubberised baby bath or a non slip mat in your bath can stop this from happening.

Toddlers also love messing around and being silly in the bath and this can be a real recipe for disaster. My kids love standing up and doing things they shouldn't do in the bath - the use of a mat helps me to stop worrying that they're going to fall over and seriously injure themselves.

There are also some really useful mats that change color depending on the water temperature so you can see if the water is too hot or too cold (the one I've linked to above is a great product). This is an absolute must for anyone with young children and could save your baby from getting a shock, or worse, getting hurt.

Bathrooms can be dangerous places

Have you ever slipped and fallen in the shower or bathtub?

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    • marpauling profile image

      marpauling 6 years ago

      Great Idea.

    • relica profile image

      relica 7 years ago from California

      As beautiful as tile is, it can certainly be treacherous, so addin an attractive non slip bath mat to your bathroom decor is a brilliant idea. Nice hub.