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Non-toxic way to clean the oven

Updated on January 18, 2017

My favorite non-toxic way to clean an oven

It is true that the natural cleaning can be little bit harder than the cleaning with chemical products, but don’t forget that we all have to make greater efforts to save our Planet. The natural cleaning ways are good way to start. Here is my favorite non-toxic way to clean the oven.

What you need?

1 coffee cup
baking soda
½ coffee cup
3 tablespoons
white vinegar
½ coffee cup
warm water

You have to make a thick paste from these ingredients. First of all apply the paste on the oven’s walls with sponge. Try to not miss any spot. For better results you must leave the paste for one night, but if you don’t have the patience, try to leave it for at least 3 or 4 hours. The lemon is natural disinfectant and will remove the bad smell. The baking soda, the salt and the vinegar make really strong abrasive mix that could remove hard greasy stains.

After that you have to scrub a little more. I know it will be hard and tiring but you will clean the oven more effectively, if you use an old toothbrush. This way you could remove all the food particles stuck to the oven’s walls. The grease will be already degraded, but you have to remove it completely.

I always use plastic gloves when I clean, no matter, if I use chemical or natural products. The continuous cleaning can be harmful for the skin, so you should wear plastic gloves. And if you decide to use chemical substances to clean the oven, it is mandatory to use a face mask.

After that you have to remove the remaining paste with warm water. You are not ready already. You have to wipe the oven’s exterior, too. You can use only warm water, but I recommend you to pour 2 tablespoons white vinegar or the juice from a half lemon for better result. Finally wipe down the whole oven with dry and soft towel.

You have to clean your oven once a month, if want it to be sparkling and safe to use. Some types of bacteria could stand at the high temperatures and be harmful for your family. From the other side the good maintenance could extend the life of your oven.


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