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Nonhybrid Seeds and the Survival Seed Bank

Updated on October 6, 2010

Are you ready for the impending financial crisis? Perhaps you fear the collapse of the economy and want to protect yourself and your family while chaos ensues as the value of the dollar plummets. A stockpile of silver and gold won't help when you are starving. The solution? Seeds.

And not just any seed will do, you need strong seed that grows true. Enough seed for you to plant a garden to sustain your family.

So goes the pitch by Survival Seed Bank. The company has run ads on Glenn Beck and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Survival Seed Bank touts nonhybrid seeds as the solution while the world faces Armageddon.

As preposterous as this may seem, let's explore the company pushing nonhybrid seed and perhaps, find a reason why a supply of this seed might be worth $149.

Who is Survival Seed Bank? The company is run by Solutions From Science in Thomson, Illinois. The president is William R. Heid. The Better Business Bureau rates Solutions From Science a D- on a scale of A+ to F. The BBB has various complaints, issues insclude advertising, billing, product, delivery, refund and sales practice.

Solutions from Science runs over a dozen web sites. In addition to selling seeds, they are also involved in solar energy marketing and credit and debt counseling.

Here is a list of sites they run:


William R. Heid also operated AVS Marketing, Inc. The Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint and injunction against AVS Marketing, Inc. and William R. Heid in 2004. The company was marketing the Himalayan Diet Breakthrough, a dietary supplement containing Nepalese Mineral Pitch. The FTC determined the company made false and unsubstantiated product claims and was fined $4.9 million, the total amount of sales of the product. The company was unable to pay this amount, and agreed to pay a lesser amount of $400,000.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      These guys are greed mongers and lying scam artists, hands down. They made 5 MILLION dollars with a BOGUS product, and then said they only had 400 grand left to pay back?? And THEN started dumping hundreds of thousands, if not likely MILLIONS into a new business based around FEAR of the future??! Lets be honest. These guys should all be in prison until they pay everyone back that they stole from. They hid money over seas, dealt with the FTC and worked out a deal, then started another kind of Scam business that is now rated D- by The BBB because they are fear-mongers, greed-mongers, and selling to people they can scare into buying their products--Bill Heid admitted this himself--that he saw an OPPORTUNITY with the prophecy and dooms day predictions, to $ELL people "survival" or "self-reliant" products so they can be "prepared. The products are over-priced, and again have unsubstantiated claims in every ad and marketing plan. If you want to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario, go to youtube and other FREE sites and gather info, collect supplies, and build your own stuff (or find someone who can--as they will or can direct you to the RIGHT people, not scam artists). Dont buy anything from these scam artists, EVER. its that simple. and if you are worried about the future and the impending economical crash and natural disasters--yes they are both coming, and its bc of the Federal Reserve and their puppets in DC. Become self-reliant and stop relying on the system for food, water, and energy and you will be fine no matter hwat happens. but again--DONT spend ANY $$ with solutions from science or their afiliates--they are over priced, and down right EVIL GREEDY people.

    • GoTo Gal profile image

      GoTo Gal 

      8 years ago from South Carolina

      Good job linking the other websites associated with this company. Hopefully your research will prevent someone from getting ripped off.

    • Louis Taylor profile image

      Louis Taylor 

      8 years ago from UK

      Oh, yes, heiroll is the best, especially the tomatoes!


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