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Noritake Bone China, White Porcelain, Dinnerware, Patterns Review: Casual, Formal, Elegant

Updated on January 13, 2015

Noritake Bone China

One of the deepest, most underlying appeals of all china and porcelain products is the source material: no matter how cultured, ornamented, and cultivated dinnerware sets look, they can all, eventually, be traced back to the land.

There's something very primordial and immediate in porcelain. It's real, it's made from clay, like people, and it supports our meals, perpetuating the cycle of nature and life.

Bone china does even more to strengthen these powerful historical links by incorporating bone ash – particles of animal bones – into the final mix; bone particles merge with the rest of the materials, and give the dishes, platters, bowls, teapots, saucers, and countless other items new qualities. Bone china is more resilient, more translucent, and more refined – it is the high-end segment of today's porcelain manufacture.

Noritake offer a broad range of bone china patterns, including but not limited to Brookhollow, Corinth, Delacorte, Fitzgerald, Luxemburg, Maestro, Montvale, Rochelle, Silver Palace, Yasmin, Gold, and Platinum. Vintage, antique (some of the earliest Noritake china is over a century old) and discontinued dinnerware comprise a thriving eBay market.

Let's take a closer look at some of the patterns:

Noritake Colorwave Pattern China
Noritake Colorwave Pattern China


  • Floral: Rosella, Knottinghill, and Brookhollow designs display a flower inspired ornament spreading between two bands, gold or platinum, that delineate the edge. The edges can be either classically smooth, or more ornately, texturally shaped, with a waving linear pattern. Soft colors, usually white or light blue or beige.

  • Ornate: Luxembourg, Evening Majesty, and Xavier Gold – these collections introduce more vibrant colors, which immediately raise the tones to festive and celebratory. Bright orange and golden tones, besides sharply contrasting blue, black, and gray create an energetic, even bustling mood. Thicker gold and platinum bands also contribute to the special occasion atmosphere.

  • Gold and Platinum: Rochelle, White Palace, and Satin Lace. While already ornate and floral patterns feature a gold or platinum band, in these collections Noritake make it the primary decorative element. White or ivory china is traced by the classic yellow or gray precious metal markings, producing an elegant, timeless look.


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