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Noritake China Platters, Bowls, Gravy Boats, Sets Dinnerware Review: Oval, Fruit, Soup, Sauce, Other

Updated on January 13, 2015

Noritake Serveware

Platters, bowls, and saucers, as well as various trays and casseroles complement Noritake sets to provide a complete dinnerware solution – all types of meals and foods, from the simplest to the most elaborate can be accommodated and served in these china pieces.

Sold also separately, each and every item can function aesthetically outside the designated set but, admittedly, it is in the full service environment where the unique contours of the platters and the bowls stand out. Overall, though used much less often, it is them that lend a dinner the final touches of class and elegance.

Larger in both size and weight, bowls appear like giants near the round plates: a set usually includes one or two (for fruits and vegetables), and their natural placement in at the center of the table, surrounded by the smaller plates and trays. Relatively complex in shape, and requiring a lot more raw material to manufacture, these china products also cost more than your standard plate or cup.

An additional design feature that separates the bowls from the plates is the semblance of handles, effectively stylized lateral protrusions that mark the intended point of contact between the hands and the porcelain.

Noritake China Bowl
Noritake China Bowl


Platters are usually the largest in area items, reaching up to 14 inches in width; their oval shape makes them more convenient in terms of utility – ellipse imitates the rectangular shape of most dinner tables – and interesting visually, simply by the fact of being different from the round china.

Unlike the latter, platters constitute a universal object from which everyone is free to take second helpings, they “overlook” the round, individual plates.


Bowls introduce depth and volume into the set, allowing to host liquid foods, as well as fruits and vegetables, either raw and cooked. Bowls can be used as decorative china as well, placed somewhere beyond the boundaries of the dining room.

This versatility compensates for the short (however important role) they serve during dinners: brought in carrying the dish, and then removed to keep the table clear, reappearing, occasionally, at dessert. Noritake bowls hold up to 32 oz. (teapots hold 40 oz.) in volume.


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