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Noritake Gold, Platinum China, Crystal, Dinnerware Review: Plates, Bowls, Patterns, Other Porcelain

Updated on January 13, 2015

Noritake Precious Metals

Gold and platinum precious metals serve an essential role in Noritake patterns: they delineate the decorated edge in the plates, dividing between aesthetics and function, both for the hostess and hosting professionals (chef, cooks, waiters) – and for the guests and clients. In a place where loud conversations and crowded spaces – usually the dining room – become the norm, and erase some of the boundaries of (sometimes to a good effect), gold and platinum restore order.

When everybody is busy chewing their food, and a more quiet mood has settled in, these precious metals dominate the visual landscape of each guest enjoying the helping on their plates. They instill conceptually and seemingly imperceptibly the boundaries of class, civility, and cultivation, preparing everybody for the next round.

If you noticed an air of tradition and nostalgia in the above description, you were correct: Noritake equip only their formal, elegant, and various classic patterns with alloy bands; contemporary and geometric plates dispense with bands, opting for more liberal compositions. Porcelain that combines conservative ideas with modern will often display a single band on the outermost edge of the plate.

Noritake Gold Crestwood
Noritake Gold Crestwood


Gold is the brighter, more openly festive of the metals. It's rich yellow glow lends the dinnerware, and consequently the dinner an underlying special effect of depth and luxury. Interestingly, “luxury” doesn't necessarily associate with financial prosperity: family warmth and comfort is a luxury, a good nutritious meal is a luxury – it's only that we tend to forget these privileges, deeming them routine. In a way, gold bands restore the true meaning of the word.

Gold banded plates mix well with most patterns and colors, but emphasize particularly well the rich green, black, or orange edges of such designs as Evening Majesty, and Luxembourg.


Platinum banded plates exhibit a more reserved gray based palette that accords better with lighter, floral patterns


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