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Noritake Patterns Reviews: Colorwave, Azalea, Rothschild, Crestwood, Java, Blue Hill, Kona, Nippon

Updated on January 13, 2015

Noritake Designs

Patterns, simply put, constitute the soul that animates Noritake china to life. Throughout its operation – over a hundred years all in all – this porcelain manufacturer has introduce dozens of designs, retiring some, keeping others, constantly reshuffling and refreshing the selection to meet the broadest possible range of tastes and demands. Patterns that were in vogue during the sixties and the seventies have been discontinued later to generate a lively vintage market; others have remained strong in popularity and sales, becoming timeless brand classics.

Noritake's assortment of patterns divides into several categories: classic, contemporary, elegant, formal, floral, solid, geometric, and textured. While standard porcelain emerges as the the primary materials, the more luxurious bone china and the experimental textured and wood dinnerware also fill the inventory.

In terms of practical use, Noritake dinnerware can be safely employed in at least one of the following kitchen tools: dishwasher, microwave, or oven. Let's take a closer look at some of the collections (we also recommend browsing the rest of our Noritake review series for more pattern reviews):

Noritake Rothschild
Noritake Rothschild


  • Colorwave presents the ultimate casual solid pattern – simplicity and utility merged into a powerful aesthetic amalgam. Plates, round or square, will either exhibit a layer of solid color on the outer edge (the more decorative layout) or thin band on the outermost edge. Colors includes deep blue, chocolate brown, graphite black, cream beige, light green, lilac purple, mustard yellow, peach orange, sky blue, raspberry red, and more. While most of the plates remain white, the outward surface of complementary mugs, trays and bowls maximize the palette's effect.

  • Azalea, although a discontinued pattern, remains one of Noritake's most popular. It's a transitional design (no gold or platinum bands) that features two symmetrically placed pink floral “arrangements,” one larger than the other, on the edges – the rest of the plate shows china's natural tone. Can function as either casual or semi-formal dinnerware.

  • Blue Hill joins Blue Harbor, Isle, and Lagoon to form a segment of blue toned – floral or solid – casual, formal, and elegant china that injects oriental flavor (echoing classic Chinese blue-and-white cobalt based porcelain) into the dining room, Usually features at least on band, in color, or precious metal in more formal patterns.

  • Crestwood is a formal pattern that elaborates on the edge by dividing it into two decorative areas: one clear, delineated by delicate gold or platinum bands, the other (the outermost) filled with a complex floral ornament. Classic Noritake china: traditional and “self-conscious,” it will especially suit families with a long and rich history.


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