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Noritake Plates, Dishes Review: Patterns, Collections; Colorwave, Crestwood, Other

Updated on January 13, 2015

Noritake Plates

Plates constitute the core item in Noritake china: most serveware, from basic 5-piece settings and to complete bowl and platter combos, plates of all sizes and purpose become the main ingredient. Noritake manufacture several types of this type of porcelain: standard dinner dishes, smaller salad ones, brad and butter medium sized items, and small trays that fit to hold a cup. Each set usually includes an accent plate that exhibits a pattern similar to the rest, yet more emphasized and decorative.

Perfect round shape makes plates universal dinnerware. While made to hold helpings of whatever course is being served, they can also function as ad-hoc platters, or even improvised fruit or vegetable “bowls,” as long as the dish is not too liquid to overflow. In other words, they are the universal china product, and while it's possible to have a special occasion without a teapot or a casserole, plates will always remain indispensable.

Noritake's selection of plate designs includes several kinds of materials (bone china, stoneware, standard porcelain, wood), and dozens of floral, ornate, casual, elegant, formal, and contemporary patterns. Let's take a closer look:

Noritake Patterns
Noritake Patterns


  • Delacorte presents a classic, clean design based on delicate botanical motifs spreading on the edge (the outer side is banded in platinum), painted on an underlying net of thin geometrical criss-cross lines. Reserved, calm and summer breezy.

  • Fitzgerald is a different classic: the edge is invested with heavy malachite green, and banded by gold – a simple line towards the outside, and an elaborate, stylized (and reminiscent of carpet palmettes) border towards the center. Impressive and regal.

  • Shenandoah pattern has been discontinued from production, but can be found on eBay or other retail stores: light, summer-inspired pinks and yellows support soft pastel floral motifs, again close in design to various rug and carpet weaves. The dreamy shades attract light and create a positive optimistic mood.

  • Metronome displays a more contemporary ornament not alien to Art Deco and other influences from 20th century styles; intersecting lines produce geometric forms that utilize color and asymmetry for a memorable aesthetic effect. In bowls, creamers, coffee servers, and other tall china the pattern stretches and reveals an oriental flair as well – harking back to Noritake origins.


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