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Noritake Stemware, Stoneware, Glassware, Dinnerware, Bakeware Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Noritake Kitchen

Besides china and bone china Noritake also use stoneware to create a range of casual and, no less important, affordable dinnerware. Stoneware, unlike porcelain, is thicker, weighs more, requires less refinement in manufacture – and consequently appears less refined. It's especially suitable for everyday use – for instance, when tired after a day's work, or dining with children – when breaking occurs quite often.

Finding complements for broken plates will be both cheaper and easier, as shipping and finding Noritake stoneware items requires less attention than the more luxurious bone china or porcelain. Noritake's Bakeware is usually made from stoneware, the company exploiting this material's range of properties; rough handling sustained near high heat conditions makes it singularly pragmatical.

In this review we would also like to focus on Stemware and and Glassware, two drinkware segments in Noritake assortment, one formal, the other casual. The glass and crystal department includes such items as flutes, goblets, wine glasses, tumblers, and more. Color and linear etched or sculpted motifs decorate the stemware; some of the patterns were designed to match platinum and other dinnerware.

Noritake Stemware
Noritake Stemware


Of particular interest is the new Spice collection of casual dinnerware: it reveals deep grooves on the surface of the plates, rendering the china unusually textured. Being safe for microwave, oven, and dishwasher, it's ultra-practical, while saturated white, black, gray, brown and red colors provide the necessary decorative component.


Colorwave bakeware (blue, graphite black, chocolate brown, green, raspberry red) includes covered casseroles, rectangular, square or round plates, and ramekins. The slightly grainy layer of color suggests the functional origins of this stoneware (indeed, close to earthenware in ceramics).


Crystal and glass stemware constitutes Noritake's high-end drinkware: long stems, and elegant shapes define the designs, implying special occasions and celebrations. Several crystal specializing brands offer more variety and sophistication – but few can match Noritake for effectiveness and elegant simplicity.


Glassware comprises casual glass or crystal made glasses and tumblers. Shorter, thicker stems (when compared to the company's formal drinkware), and bright tones (amber, blue, red, pink, amber) provide a more intimate and fun alternative to the stemware.


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