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Nourison 3000, Tahoe, Heritage Hall Wool, Silk Area Rugs&Carpets Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Nourison 3000

Besides employing different weaving techniques and wools, Nourison incorporate silk and vegetable dyes to vary the texture and the visual effects of its rugs. Tahoe rugs fall into the former category, being hand woven (as opposed to hand knotted or hand-tufted), while Nourison 3000 and Heritage Hall collections incorporate silk and natural coloring respectively.

All three focus on traditional tribal and Persian designs where geometrical shapes, vines, florals, vases, cartouches and palmettes dominate the field pattern. A border with its own running pattern delineates the field, and contributes to color contrasts, in some rugs being lighter, in other darker than the central palette.

The carpets come in a variety of shapes, including rectangular, runner, round and custom. Heritage Hall stands out as a rare collection that offers “freeform” rugs – items designed like stylized flower blooms or stars.

Nourison 3000 rug
Nourison 3000 rug

Nourison 3000

Handmade from hard-twist wool, Nourison 3000 rugs both continue and depart from the designs presented in the popular Nourison 2000 department. On the one hand, the silk and the unusual hues – taupe and aqua to name two – allow to take traditional Persian aesthetic a little further. On the other, the inclusion of inner geometrical grid, resulting in “individual chambers” for each large element, be it a vase or a small medallion, produces an unusual modernist effect.


Tahoe rugs feature a Tibetan weave, and display a lighter and less denser (when compared to classic Persian and oriental details) imagery. Lines appear to break in angles rather than twist or wind around each other, leading to simple and spontaneous compositions that some will consider child-like, while other will describe as playful and naïve. Indeed, this collection preserves something very immediate and lively – something we expect to see in nomadic ancient tribes. Reminiscent of Momeni Aspen.

Heritage Hall

This collection demonstrates to the full extent the levels attained by today's art of wool dyeing. Our favorite carpets in this line juxtapose aqua blue with orange brick or beige, producing almost literally liquid-like visions that appear to replicate garden pools and ponds.


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