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Nourison Ashton, India House Hand-Tufted, Power Loomed Rugs Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Nourison Persian

In Ashton House and India House Rugs Nourison bring their penchant for expressive contrast to a new level. Though essentially different collections – the former embodies European design principles, the latter represents classic Persian and oriental weaves – they resemble in their capacity to display unusual, highly entertaining visual configurations. Both reshuffle familiar formal elements to create fresh and surprising surfaces; movement and rhythm assume particular importance, becoming the driving aesthetic force behind these wool rugs.

India House rugs are hand tufted in India, in a logical departure from China, whereas of today Nourison manufacture the majority of their carpets and where Ashton House is also powerloomed. Items come in rectangular, round, and runner shapes (custom sizing available for Ashton), and feature classic colors: ivory, burgundy, gold, rust, beige, blue, olive green, black, and others – albeit in seemingly more saturated tones.

Nourison Ashton House Rug
Nourison Ashton House Rug

India House

Includes such classic oriental Persian patterns as Baktiari, Heriz, Tabriz, Kashan, and others, rivalling Nourison 2000 rugs for both variety and diversity. Practically all familiar design components – medallions, geometrical forms, stars, vines and florals, cartouches, vases, palmettes – can be found on these carpets.

Nourison injected India House with a small modern subdivision consisting of abstract or reminiscent of gabbeh-type rugs weaved with basic squares or diamonds; one model shows a sunburst-like motif. The main color changes in saturation, effectively transposing from one hue to another: brown to orange, purple to red, and so on.

Ashton House

True to Western rug design principles, this collection focuses on architecturally inspired motifs and exhibits more straight lines and free space. In floral based models, it's usually a single type of vine or branch that covers the entire surface; Nourison shake things up by making the border lighter than the field – producing an unusual “negative” effect.

While comprising some of the most original compositions the brand has to offer, this department also includes a share of area rugs relying on simple familiar charm instead of rule-breaking attention-grabbing imagery. The quiet, allover patterned carpets in particular can be useful in creating a soothing atmosphere, or supporting a central piece furniture.


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