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Nourison Chambord, Saffira, Vallencierre Transitional&Oriental Rugs Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Eclectic Collections

To conclude our series of reviews of Nourison rugs, we focus on four eclectic collections: Chambord, Saffira, Vallencierre, and Hamilton House. The last three are powerloomed (machine made) from pure New Zealand wool, while the material of choice for the first line becomes Luxcelle, a cotton based trademark fiber with a silky texture and a strong color retention quality. The weaving technique and the relatively uncomplicated visuals render the collections both affordable and accessible.

Most of the rugs display familiar floral and garden motifs arranged in light symmetrical configurations (European carpets will sometimes dispense with ornament altogether, and present a basic field and border outline). Vallencierre stands out as a rare Nourison department that incorporates aesthetic elements reminiscent of Arts and Crafts. Oriental items tend to be darker, featuring saturated burgundy, black, and brown; Western designs prefer light beige and yellow tones.

Rugs come in rectangular, runner, octagon, round, and custom made sizes.

Nourison Chambord Rug
Nourison Chambord Rug


Featuring architectural motifs inspired by French rug weaving school (expresses fully in Nourison Versailles Palace), and free flowing realistic botanical depictions, this is a true transitional collection. Space and simple allover patterns dominate the fields, while in more contemporary models, stems and leaves spread to create a soothing, naturalistic vision.


This line takes more liberty with color and form, producing several fanciful, and even playful designs. One of the most surprising pieces exhibits a familiar European border that encloses a field where instead of a medallion or pendant spreads a replication of a zebra skin. Nourison take fashion risks with these unusual combinations.


Saffira carpets show the light, effortless side of traditional oriental rug design. The individual elements of the allover patterns resemble small snowflakes, or stars, creating a general effect of dispersing tension and imparting a sense of comfort.

Hamilton House

As if in response to Saffira, this department brings in weightier vases and palmettes accompanied by stronger color contrasts. Though subtle European references diffuse the visual intensity, these Nourison rugs demand attention, and require though-out interior organization.


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