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Nourison Contemporary Abstract Area Rugs Review: Dimensions, Parallels,

Updated on January 13, 2015

Nourison Modern

Among Nourison's contemporary rug collections, Dimensions, Parallels, Mystique, and Expressions are the most expressively abstract. As the titles imply, the designs create linear and illusionistic patterns that in some models generate a sense of mesmeric trance, in others a stark visual contrast. When combined, these four lines of carpets rival Momeni New Wave and Metro rugs – they too feature recognizable influences from such canonic abstract painters as Mondrian, Malevich, Kandinsky.

There are, however, notable difference in approach between the two brands: Nourison seem more comfortable with darker, earth-tone colors, while Momeni will often paint their rugs with lighter colors.

Although unified by a common theme, the four departments diverge when it comes to materials and technique. Dimension and Mystique rugs are handmade from various wools, whereas Parallels and Expressions are powerloomed from trademark Luxcelle (100% viscose) and Opulon (half Polypropylene and half Acrylic) materials. Carpets come in rectangular, runner, and round shapes.

Nourison Dimensions Rug
Nourison Dimensions Rug
  • Dimensions features classic abstract juxtapositions between circles and squares, spread unevenly across the pile to create an effect of chaotic and bubbling spontaneity. Interestingly, some of the rugs manage to sneak in a border – a clearly traditional element in carpet design. Tiger and Alligator skin models emulate Momeni Serengeti.

  • Mystique rugs reduce the abstract elements to display a minimalistic and restrained design: lots of open fields, freely sprawling and flowing lines, often thick and colorful, all organized in clear compositions based on soft rhythm.

  • Parallels, true to its title, consists of items crossed with many parallel lines. However, the most interesting designs in this collections depart from the strict geometrical definition, showing images of feathers, and flowing and explosive – almost musical – pointillist patterns.

  • Expressions rugs combine various elements from the previous models: open fields cut and shuffled like puzzles, little squares and circles superimposed with vines, and so on. Arguably on of Nourison's most eclectic area rug collections.


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