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Nourison Handmade, Powerloomed Wool Area Rugs Complete Guide Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Nourison Rugs

Nourison stands out as one of the most innovative and versatile rug manufacturers currently operating on both sides of the Atlantic. Offering over sixty collections ranging from traditional Persian to modern contemporary, coming in square, round, runner, oval, rectangular, and octagonal shapes, and executed in handmade and machine made techniques, Nourison's carpet and rug selection rivals Momeni, Safavieh, and other established names.

In order to further distinguish themselves, the company took steps – developing proprietary fibers, updating the manufacture to green standards – that secure the brand a unique place in today's flooring industry.

Nourison rugs and carpets benefit from this comfortable position in both short and long run. With time, the immediate decorative value of the handmade collections adds vintage qualities, and each item becomes a “future heirloom,” as the company states on its official website. On the other hand, by investing into advanced powerlooming technologies, the firm renders machine made rugs more and more original.

From the various catalogs, press releases, and statements, it transpires that Nourison take pride in their designs and manufacturing philosophy – factors competitors have to respect, and customers love to indulge in.


Nourison categorize their rugs according to five styles:

  • Contemporary items feature modern and abstract designs that steer away from most or all traditional ornament principles; instead of Persian, Turkish, or other oriental weaves we find here linear and geometrical patterns. Momeni New Wave is the direct competitor of this Nourison department.

  • In Transitional rugs the company blends contemporary and traditional elements – sometimes accommodating both on a single carpet – that display easily recognizable, often relaxed large scale botanical motifs and linear motions. Arts and Crafts and French weaving influences can be spotted in some of the collections.

  • Traditional rugs is arguably the brand's strongest division: it contains the popular Nourison 2000 and 3000 lines, and embodies the artistry of classic Persian and surrounding tribal weaves. Handmade of pure wool, these rugs rival Momeni Mahal, Mandalay, and Heritage collections.

  • Such European designs as Ashton House and Somerset generally represent the spacious clarity and calm of Western civilization – as opposed to the luxurious, intricate Eastern designs, which in colder climate might be perceived as overwrought. Simple symmetries, and more French influences.

  • Country and Southwestern&Tribal departments consist mostly of kilim and gabbeh type of rugs: geometrical ornamentation and flatweave techniques that put forward authenticity rather than urban refinement. Simple, yet captivating visuals.


Nourison describe themselves as a “multi-category” company: they manufacture rugs from a range of materials, using different techniques, and employing a rainbow of designs. They rely on Iranian expertise while weaving oriental carpets on the one hand and on Calvin Klein's especially created visual templates for a unique luxury collection on the other.

To address adjacent interior design needs Nourison makes pillows and provides runner and industrial flooring solutions by its daughter company Nourtex. Finally, they even incorporate latest environmental trends and shifts by creating a Green Label standard. Among over sixty denominations, these are some of the most recognized collections the brand has to offer:

  • Nourison 2000 comes in a palette of warm brown, golden, beige, olive and burgundy tones and features allover patterns interspersed with medallions and palmettes. These rugs don't shun dramatic contrasts and movement, and display such Persian motifs as Baktiari, Heriz (diamonds of various sizes), Mogul, and Tabriz.

  • Somerset is a collection of contemporary and transitional rugs showing abstract linear and abstract motifs, or sprawling floral gardens. The boldest designs remind of Momeni New Wave carpets. Made from polypropylene and acrylic fibers.

  • Nourmak and Julian incorporate European and oriental aesthetic respectively. The former, being flat woven, resembles kilim rugs texturally, and features both antique Persian and the more modern Arts and Crafts schemes. Julian veers towards open, calm botanical ornament.

  • Ashton House, India House rugs reveal the experimental side of Nourison: designers intentionally change the rules of Iranian carpet design, introducing sharper contrasts, imbalance, and unabashed visual excitement. Many surprising visual configurations.

  • Dimensions, Parallels, Expressions, Mystique: as the title implies, these rugs comprise among the most arresting abstract designs in Nourison selection. While some of the items, Like Momeni Metro and New Wave, recreate familiar Mondrian and Malevich references, others display completely fresh visions – mesmerizing, disorienting, and fun.

  • Coral Reef, Dakota, Westport, Tropics, and Desert Dawn collections represent various trends and fashion tastes, including shag and gabbeh inspired area rugs, large blooming patterns, and several single tone combinations. A solid alternative to the visual impulse of some of the previously described items.

  • Alexandria, Versailles Palace, Jaipur, Parthia, Tajik: lines that further explore Persian and early French design elements, often presented in a lighter palette (beige, ivory), and weaved using wool and, in some cases, synthetic fibers. Nourison show what they can do with color: making some items shine, they render others antique looking through a unique herbal-wash process. Detail becomes of particular importance especially in the hand knotted Tajik carpets.

  • Nourison 3000, Tahoe, Heritage Hall and Grand Chalet provide the textural answer to the colors of Jaipur and Tajik: silk and premium quality wool make these rugs especially nice to the touch. The highlights in Nourison 3000 literally protrude from the surface, arising above the pile.

  • Valencierre, Chambord, Hamilton House and Saffira rugs demonstrate symmetrical patterns of various density, mostly executed in European and transitional styles – less intricate details, more variety in color and space. More utility than décor oriented rugs.


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