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Nourison Persian Oriental Rugs Review: Versailles, Parthia, Jaipur, Tajik

Updated on January 13, 2015

Nourison Oriental

In Persian and oriental inspired Alexandria, Versailles Palace, Parthia, Jaipur, and Tajik collections, Nourison accentuate the brand's close familiarity with traditional rug design. Except the French Versailles, most of the carpets included in these lines display intricate allover patterns that reveal aesthetic taste reaching the peak of artistic expression. Balance, movement and color appear poised in such a way as to emphasize each other's strength, and create calm, festive, or hypnotic compositions, depending on the model.

Versailles Palace rug collection differs notably in design origin: it's based on French carpet making school, and often will feature a large central medallion. Architecturally inspired motifs substitute the winding vines and blooming vases; there are more angles and geometrical forms, as well as open spaces.

The rugs are handmade (hand-knotted, hand-tufted) or powerloomed from pure wool and occasionally (Alexandria) a synthetic material. Items come in rectangular, round, runner, octagon, and custom shapes and sizes.

Nourison Tajik Wool Hand Knotted Rug
Nourison Tajik Wool Hand Knotted Rug
  • Versailles Palace area rugs, being at ease with undecorated space and large forms, presents a clean European alternative the often jungle-like and busy Persian patterns. In a way, looking at such a carpet echoes walking in large spacious hall inside a palace, where each step can be heard at the other end of room. Colors include beige ivory, brown, brick and light blue (aqua).

  • Alexandria features patterns employed for royal Persian courts a few centuries ago. Contrast visible in such collections as Nourison 2000 and Ashton House give way to subtle balance and interplay of color and form. There's certain confidence and character here that instills a sense of comfort – but also respect.

  • Parthia rugs display a wider range of symmetries and colors, which can lead to intense and brilliantly explosive patterns. Some of the designs appear to replicate fireworks, or celebratory processions.

  • Jaipur and Tajik area rugs, hand-tufted and hand-knotted respectively, exhibit fascinating visual configurations where vases and palmettes seem to reflect each other, creating mirror-like effects. In these carpet collections Nourison revive such traditional motifs as magical gardens, tree of life, and agricultural references.


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