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Nourison Rugs: The Perfect Accent for an Elegant Home

Updated on January 4, 2010

Why Choose Nourison Rugs

Looking for elegant area rugs to accent your home? Look no further than Nourison Rugs. They rival the worlds’ finest heirloom rugs. Nourison is one of the most prominent importers and manufacturers of area rugs in the country, offering a wide selection of quality, handmade area rugs from which to choose.

Nourison Rugs have been called “masterpieces of home décor” by many interior design experts.

What Makes Nourison Rugs So Special?

Materials Crafted From: Nourison rugs are crafted from the finest materials, ie, pure New Zealand wool and silk. This makes them not only elegant to look at, but wonderfully luxurious to touch and feel.

Specially Designed Hand-Tufted Techniques: Hand-tufted rugs are often confused with Oriental rugs, but they are different. The difference lies in the construction.

Hand-tufted rugs are constructed using a hand-operated took (aka a “gun”) that punches the strands of wool into a canvas that is stretched on a frame. The design of the rug is first drawn on canvas. Then, the maker fills in the pattern with the right color wool. When this process has been completed (eg, the designed has been completely “piled), the rug is removed from the frame and a scrim fabric is glued to the back of it.

The glue on the back of the rug is what holds it in place; no yarn is knitted over the warps, as one would find in an authentic Oriental rug.

Assorted Shapes and Sizes: From runners, to room-size, to specific area sized rugs, Nourison rugs offers a selection to fit any space in your home – no matter how big or small.

Distinct Designs and Motifs: With over 60 different collections to choose from, Nourison Rugs can meet every design palate. For example, there’s the Tahoe design. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, it features a distinct Southwestern style. Want something a bit more exotic? One choice is the Kalahari range, which features a North African-influenced design.

Want more design choices? Other Nourison Rugs design styles include contemporary, ranges include European, Contemporary and Traditional.

Nourison Rugs: About the Company

Nourison Rugs was started in 1980 by the Peykar brothers (Alex, Steven, Edmond, Paul). It was started as an India-made, hand-knotted area rug supplier.

With a background in retail going back to the early 1970s, the brothers were intuitive enough to capitalize on the supply issues that plagued dealers of imported goods. The company name is derived from the family patriarch, Noury.

When they started their business, the Peykar brothers knew that one of the keys to their success would be in delivering not only a large variety of rugs that couldn’t be found any place else, but also in assuring timely delivery.

The company imports, manufactures and distributes more than 60 different rug collections, many under trusted designer names like Liz Claiborne and Calvin Klein. Nourison rugs are imported from as far away as China, the Middle East and Russia, and are sold in better home furnishing stores like Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond.

According to 12/7/09 article in Home Textiles Today:

The family-owned and operated [company . . . has grown to become the country’s fifth largest rug supplier, with $145 million in category sales in 2008. . . .

Nourison Rugs: How to Clean Them So They Last

The manufacturers suggest that Nourison rugs be cleaned with a gentle cleanser like Woolite, or another non-harsh cleanser recommended especially for the cleaning of rugs.

As for the process, it’s simple. All you need to do is apply the cleanser with a soft-thistle brush, then rinse it in water and extract dirt with a vacuum or other carpet/rug extractor. Once the rug has been cleaned, it can be dried in one of two ways: (i) naturally, buy air; or (ii) with a hair dryer – on a very low temperature.

Note: If you use a harsh cleanser on Nourison rugs, you void the manufacturer's warranty. This means you will be solely responsible for any damage caused. In order to assure that your Nourison rug is cleaned the right way and lasts for years, have it professionally cleaned by a textile/rug cleaner.

Learn more about how to get specific stains out of Nourison rugs.

Nourison Rug: Contemporary/Modern Style

Learn More about Nourison Rugs


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