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Nourison Shag, Kilim, Gabbeh Handmade Wool Area Rugs Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Nourison Tribal

Nourison Coral Reef, Dakota, Desert Dawn, Tropics, and Westport rugs feature harsher yarns, materials and textures – a quality that allows to generally categorize them as “utility rugs.” It's not incidental that Dakota and Desert Dawn represent kilim and gabbeh rug types respectively. Flat woven (no pile) in the former, and woven with a particularly thick pile in the latter, these carpets were traditionally used for various home making and cultural purposes: prayer, beast of burden cover, protection from cold, and so on. Coral Reef steps in as Western variation – a classic shag area rug (a rival of Momeni Comfort Shag).

All carpets are hand woven, hand tufted, and hand carved from wool, with the exception of Coral Reef, which is handmade from modacrylic material. Available shapes include traditional rectangular and runner (custom size option exists in some collections), while in terms of color these rugs are among Nourison's brightest.

Nourison Dakota Wool Rug
Nourison Dakota Wool Rug
  • Dakota consists of traditional geometric-based kilim designs: angular patterns with diamonds, triangles, and more exotic forms, often flattened for a stark visual effect. Colors include brown, brick orange, green, blue, and yellow.

  • Desert Dawn offers traditional oriental gabbeh carpets: open field of saturated color, occasionally crossed by thick uneven lines. This collection embodies an artisan approach – no stylization or symmetry, just a matter-of-fact, simple weave.

  • Coral Reef department effectively becomes Nourison shag rug department. Single tone, synthetic, thick pile creates a characteristic luscious texture; available colors: red, rust, blue, green, ivory, black, beige, and others.

  • Westport combines elements from previous lines: one color for the entire rug, a basic border and a (nearly invisible) allover pattern, and a surprisingly formal display. These items can act as effective décor for office interior.

  • Tropics depart from the minimalism of the above collections, and presents an important alternative – a realistic depiction of large flower blooms. In fact, the level of detail in Tropics rug florals approaches still life artwork, and is perhaps the closest Nourison come to figurative painting.


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