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Now hang heavy items and handicap grab bars in just ½” drywall without extra backing

Updated on November 9, 2011
WingIts wall anchor
WingIts wall anchor
WingIts instructional paper
WingIts instructional paper

A simple to install wall hanger holds 300lbs

You will want to bookmark this site; it is only a matter of time when you will be faced with the dilemma of hanging heavy objects on a wall, or as we, or our parent’s age, needing to install handicap grab bars in an existing bathroom.

Typically wall studs are never in the right spot, and to install the needed blocking requires cutting holes in walls. This is not an easy task when ceramic tile and other wall finishes are already in place. Up until this point the only solution required an extensive remodeling project.

The possible solution is a heavy duty fastener called WingIts

The Company started out with a Stainless Steel fastener specially designed to install handicap grab bars in retrofit applications. Their product line has now expanded into all types of wall solutions and products, including the curved shower rods found at hotels and a complete line of bathroom accessories for home and commercial uses.

The WingIts MAW35 is rated for 300 lbs weight installed in just ½” thick drywall applications. It will install into walls up to 1.3” thick and longer sizes are even available. The MAW35 comes standard with a Stainless Steel hook plate for hanging pictures, or can be used with just the Stainless Steel screw for towel bars and grab bars or other surface mount applications. The kit also includes a stick on tape to make the application watertight.

WingIts are sold through various commercial distributors but are also available at Home Depot.


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