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Baby Room Ideas

Updated on July 11, 2009

Deciding on the furniture for nursery use in your baby’s room is often a fun and exciting trip to stores like Babys’R’Us.  Many parents worry less about color schemes based on gender, and both the furniture and decorations that are found in most baby nurseries today combine all colors in harmony with one another. 

When you are deciding on nursery baby themes, keep in mind that the way you decorate the room and the baby’s first furniture chosen should be pleasing to you.  Even though this is a baby’s room, you will be spending more time enjoying the scenery at first until they are old enough to really understand their surroundings.

Nursery Furniture For Your Baby

One way to choose your baby room ideas and matching themes is by shopping online for the furniture pieces you want and then choosing a theme, color, or pattern from the selection they offer.  Many sites have programs that will preview a baby’s room for you with the items you have chosen, allowing you to decide if the theme is the right one for you and your family and looking at the other options available if your initial choice just isn’t the right one.

You may wish to look into baby convertible cribs or similar furniture sets that will change into toddler or youth beds when you infant is old enough to climb out of the crib.  Changing tables can be converted into dressers and cabinets and allow you plenty of space to store your child’s clothing and toys.  Additional furniture for you baby’s room could also include a rocking chair in complimenting colors, a toy chest, and shelves for the many little things you will purchase for your baby to enjoy.

When you pick out a selection of furniture and nursery bedding sets, don’t forget to give the room a finished look by adding matching window treatments, toy bags, diaper stackers, clothes hamper, dust ruffle, wall organizers, lamps, and other items that match the theme you have picked.  Don’t forget to child proof the room by adding locks on cabinet doors and dresser drawers, all safety covers on all the electrical outlets and keeping breakable items and cords out of their reach.  Use a baby monitor to help ease you mind and above all else, enjoy your newborn.

Stylish Baby Nurseries

There are many nursery themes available on the market, and today it’s not fashionable to just decorate your baby’s room with Disney baby furniture or other storybook characters.  Many baby themes today include summer blockbuster characters with Swedish modern décor furniture and other interesting trends that most people would not initially think of when considering decorating ideas for their newborn.

Professional nursery designers are always bringing to light new and non-traditional themes for decorating their child’s nursery.  We don’t have to listen to their suggestions, of course.  As the parents, we have the choice to go traditional décor or more modern.  Many times we choose themes for our child’s room that we like. Decorating the room and laying out the furniture for the nursery is sometimes more important to us than any other room in the home.

Many designers have suggested to parents that instead of making the baby’s room separate from the house, as is the norm, that they should make the furniture in the baby’s nursery an extension of the rest of the furniture in the home.  Many high-end living room and dining room sets now include pieces that can be used in the baby’s nursery.  Baby nursery chairs are just one example of the different items that are starting to appear in furniture catalog collections.

Additionally, many parents are decorating their baby nurseries in a fashion that matches the rest of the house.  Furniture that is convertible is convenient and cost effective, and when transformed to furniture for older children they can match the home perfectly.  From color schemes of the walls to the bedding, nursery furniture for the baby actually makes the home look more consistent and together.  

The beauty of using a color scheme in a child’s room instead of decorating it with cute cartoon characters is that you will not have to change the room as the child gets older.  Colors that are bright and airy will make the room brighter and do not have to be changed later down the line.  Neutral colors are the best regardless of the sex of the child, and they match every type of furniture you may decide to put into the nursery.


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