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Nursery Wire Mesh Wagon | Hauls Plants and bagged potting mixes

Updated on October 20, 2012
Nursery Wire Mesh Wagon
Nursery Wire Mesh Wagon
Commercial Duty Nursery Wagons
Commercial Duty Nursery Wagons
Quick Change Combo Tongue for Tractor or Hand Pull.
Quick Change Combo Tongue for Tractor or Hand Pull.

If you purchase trees, shrubs and plants at a nursery you have probably used one of these easy rolling flat wire mesh wagons.

With large air tires they carry large loads with ease across turf, gravel and mulched paths between rows of nursery stock.

They are of commercial quality that would be handy to have at home for the same purposes, as well as hauling all types of other chore items.

The discount stores also realize they are popular and sale a similar version, at a discounted price to appeal to the home owner.

Like most imported copied items in order to sell them cheap, they are made of light weight material often have plastic wheels, and in short time they break down.

They are just not the quality of the commercial grade carts used by nurseries.

The commercial duty carts are not easy to find either, unless you shop commercial suppliers, who often don’t like to deal with retail customers.

These flat bed wire mesh carts are Amish USA made to hold up on Amish farms and nurseries.

They are available in three sizes 40”, 48” and 60” long. The 48” and 60” use 13” Air tires for easy rolling on rough terrain with heavy loads.

They also utilize the more expensive automobile style steering, where just the tires turn using tie rods. This is a better option than using a fifth wheel single pivot, where the complete front axle assembly turns.

The automobile steering keeps the wagon more stabilize when turning with heavy loads. The fifth wheel option used on many wagons tend to allow the wagon to tip over during sharp turns.

A quick change combo tractor and hand pull tongue is also available, as pictured on the top wagon.

These wagons can also be ordered with a front and rear steering option where both the front and back wheels steer together in making sharp bends. A useful option when trying to maneuver in tight quarters such as nursery stock or in warehouse operations.

The 40” uses 10” tires and probably is best suited by the home owner and gardening enthusiast. It also ships UPS, whereas the larger units are probably more suited by professional nursery men and landscapers have to be shipped via truck freight.

These Amish made wire mesh nursery wagons can be purchased on line at Cottage Craft Works .com


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