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O2-Cool Model 1054 10" Indoor/Outdoor Fan Review

Updated on July 22, 2010

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“Great for times when there are power outages.”

“We take this fan with us every time we go camping. It lasts a long time and blows a great deal of air.”

“I use this fan when I during my outdoor art show when the heat can really go up. People come in the tent and browse longer just to get some cool air.”

“I take it to the gym with me and it works great while I’m on the treadmill.”

Click Here to Buy O2-Cool Model 1054 10" Indoor/Outdoor Fan

You’re out having a picnic with your family on a Sunday afternoon and the sun is beating down on you. At this point, you wish you could have an electric fan blowing cool air. If this situation sounds like you, then you need to buy the O2-Cool Model 1054 10" Indoor/Outdoor Fan.

This unique and versatile fan can be used at home or in your office through a wall outlet. But what makes this fan special is the fact that you can take it to places where they are no power outlets. This fan allows you to install 8 batteries that will run for over 72 hours. So you can take this fan with you anywhere.

The O2-Cool Model 1054 10" Indoor/Outdoor Fan has 2 speed settings. You can adjust this fan to blow air in the direction that you want. To make this fan more compact, you can fold it up when you’re not using it to save on space. This fan really comes in handy when the power goes out and your AC doesn’t work.


  • 10-inch 2-speed portable fan for indoor or outdoor use
  • Works with included AC adaptor or 8 D-cell batteries (not included)
  • Runs cordlessly for over 72 hours; tilts to direct airflow where needed most
  • Flip-up hook and handle for flexible placement; space-saving fold-down design



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