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O2Cool 1038 Smart Power Rechargeable Swivel Fan Review

Updated on August 3, 2010

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“We take the O2Cool 1038 whenever we go camping. Sometimes it gets hot when we are sleeping at night and this is when the fan comes in handy. On the lowest setting, the fan can last most of the night. If not, it will switch over to the D batteries once the rechargeable batteries are used up.”

“I take this fan when we go on road trips. This fan is a good alternative to AC especially when it’s not extremely hot in the car. It keeps the air flowing and gives a good breeze to keep you cool. I highly recommend this fan. We got this fan for a good price too which makes me all the more happier.”

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When you are searching for a portable fan, power and convenience are two the most important factors that come to mind. Also, you want a portable fan that can last many hours without having to recharge. If these are the features that you seek, then you need the O2Cool 1038 Smart Power Rechargeable Swivel Fan.

The O2Cool 1038 Smart Power Rechargeable Swivel Fan can run on 4 different power sources. It can run on its rechargeable battery for up to 3 hours. You can use 8 D cell batteries in the fan which would give you 40 hours of run time. You can plug the fan into your car’s power outlet or you can plug it into your home’s power outlet. With all these different power sources, you could basically bring your fan anywhere. There are two speed settings for the fan speed which you can control. Flexibility is the key to this fan. The fan has a hook and handle allowing you to place this fan in places where it can be out of your way. Some of the places you can bring this fan include camping, picnicking, road trips where you want to minimize use of your AC, etc.


  • Indoor/outdoor portable fan with 10-inch blade and 2 speed settings
  • Pivoting fan cage; flip-up hook and handle for flexible placement
  • Smart Power technology; runs on rechargeable battery, car charger, or AC adapter
  • Also runs on 8 D-cell batteries (not included); low-battery indicator lights


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