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OMG! I finally found something to clean my ugly gas stove grates

Updated on November 26, 2012

I’m really mythed about this one. I can’t believe no one else has blogged about this rather simple solution that works.

It’s actually been sitting on the shelf in a cabinet in my house all this time. Not realizing it was even a solution for this problem, I have tried ever other possible solution over the last ten years.

I just needed to find something to clean the growing ugly baked on grease off my gas stove grates.

No matter how clean the kitchen was and how much the stainless sparkled those ugly grease coated grates stuck out like a sore thumb.

I was just about to order some new ones to start over again, when I discovered the pumice stick that I bought to remove hard water stains from the toilets also works magic on burnt on grease on ovens and stove grates.

What’s even more crazy it says it right on the box. It’s just one of those things that is not marketed this way. Do a search on removing hard water stains off porcelain and the pumice stick shows as a solution. Do a search on cleaning stove grates and you get all the same old solutions.

I’m sure someone is going to post a reply about just how simply it is to throw them in a trash bag with some ammonia, and leave them out in the sun. Or the other one to make a paste from vinegar and baking soda.

Well either my brunt on grease is tougher than anyone else’s, or perhaps my grates are tan and not black, but I have tried all of those things several times without any success.

I have also tried Carbon Off, oven cleaner, and even got desperate enough to try automotive wheel and brake cleaner. Actually that seemed to remove some, but no matter how much scrubbing it stayed as ugly as I began.

This is not the pumice stick to smooth the bottoms of your feet, but a scouring stick sold in hardware stores. We found them in both Lowes and Home Depot. The brand we bought was the Pumie®

They say it is something used by professional chefs, but everyone we have ever asked referred us to Carbon Off or just shrugged their shoulders.

We have even asked several different sales staff who sell both domestic and commercial gas stoves what to use to clean the grates? No one seemed to have a clue and to add to the frustration it’s almost like they have never heard of such a problem, so it must just be something we are doing wrong?

Perhaps it’s just an old time product passed down by word of mouth over the generations. We wouldn't of even known about it if someone hadn't told us about how great it was to remove hard water stains in the toilet bowel

Now in reading over the label it’s a real solution for not only porcelain and brunt on grease on stoves ovens, and Barbecues, it’s also useful on cleaning mineral deposits off faucets and drains, plumbing, lime and algae on swimming pools, unwanted paint on tile, masonry and concrete.

It is not recommended for soft and regular painted surfaces such as fiberglass.

The stick is used wet and works the best if it is kept wet as possible. Compared to using a scrubbing pad the pumice stick seems to use much less effort. It will take some time to work around all the bars and little corners in the grate, but it works.

Pumice sticks are also non-toxic so you don’t have to use your hazmat gear to clean with them.

The water and the pumice will make a mess, so it is a process best done outside where you can hose everything off.

Pumice sticks are also very soft and wear quickly, so purchase several sticks, you will be glad to have these on hand. The cost in our area is around $3. Per stick.

The pictures of the grates in the blue tub was one my last attempts to clean them with chemicals before I discovered the pumice stick. You can see how dirty and embarrassing they were.


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