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OMG! My Very First Place!

Updated on July 20, 2015

Moving into your first place is a dream come true for many young people. In the excitement of finally having all the freedom you ever wanted, it’s easy to forget about the responsibility that comes along with it. Those first few days, weeks and months can be rocky if you’re not prepared so our Winston Salem movers have broken it down into what you need right away, what you need to get quickly and what can wait until you’re settled in.

Transitioning from a small bedroom or shared dorm room into an apartment or first home means you probably won’t have a lot of things to move. Sure you’ll have boxes of books, games, music and clothes but chances are you’ll be missing furniture and general household staples. In fact, once you’re in your new place, it may still seem empty even after you’ve brought all your boxes over. Don’t worry, you’ll fill it up before you know it, but in order to make the first few days easier, it’s important to bring a few essentials. Keep these items all together in one box so that these essentials are easy to find.


Easy dinner fix in's

Sure you’ll want to check out the local delivery joints, but be sure to have a few easy-to-fix items as well. Don’t forget a can opener, a pot and the utensils you need to eat.

Bathroom essentials

Keep your toiletries along with some toilet paper, a plunger and a few towels ready to go.

First aid kit

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to injure yourself during a move. Keep some bandages and wound cleaner within easy reach.

Quick clean up

Prevent counters and sinks from becoming filled with garbage and dirty dishes by unpacking dish soap, cloths and garbage bags right away.

These items will help carry you through the first few days, but there are still some staples you’ll need to buy right away. These include items you’ll need to keep the place clean as well as small pieces that will start to make it feel like home. As you begin searching for the items you need to make your house a home, these should be right at the top:


A place for mail

Having a central location for bags, mail and keys will help you get – and stay – organized.

Inexpensive wall art

Whether you love paintings from local artists or movie posters, hanging some art on your wall gives the place some personality.

Small tool box

No need to invest hundreds, but having a hammer, nails, wrench, a roll of duct tape and other basic tools will let you handle small jobs quickly. Don’t forget to add a flashlight with batteries!

Kitchen essentials

Pick up a basic cooking set that include tongs, spatulas and wooden cooking spoons along with a small set of pots and pans. You can add larger and specialty items later.

These basic items will get you started on making your new home or apartment feel cozier and more welcoming. Bigger items like area rugs, couches and large tables can wait until you find a great deal on those vintage pieces you can’t resist. Add items slowly and avoid overcrowding the space. Moving into your first place can be exciting and starting slowly will ensure it becomes a stylish reflection of your own personality.

7 Tips for Setting Up Your First Apartment


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