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Updated on June 23, 2011


By organization of the christian home,i mean the structures God has laid for the intending christian marriages/homes, and a biblical consideration of what God expects to be the order in the christian home. We served the God of order. Do we expect Him to have established the home without clear-cut order for it? Impossible! The home, like the church, functions like both organization.Both organism and organization.Both analogies/metaphors suggest the ideas of the head and the body.No organism or organization exist without a head,and when the head is faulty, the who organism/organization develops nagging problems.However,the head doesn't function well without the cooperation of the body.These form the basis of understanding this lively and all-important topic of how we cam cooperate with the Author of marriage to organize and re-organize our homes to meet His ever holy standard.


And He put all things under His feet and gave Him to be head over all things to the church[ Ephesian 1 vs 22].The incomparably great power of God raised Christ,returning Him rightful position of authority over all which He had from the beginning[Mathew 28 vs 18].This divine power has given Him to be head over all things for the church.The eternal,unquestionable and incontrovertible authority of Christ makes Him the head of all,Including the home.It is a very fatal mistake to leave Him out of our dealings.He is the head of the church and the one who empowers the man to be the head of the home.He is the head of the man who is expected to be the head of the home.Any home seeking to be God's best cannot do without Him.What place have you given Him in your home?


For the husband is head of the wife,as also Christ is the head of the church;and He is the savior of the body [Ephesian 5 vs 23]. God is not the author of confusion.Why would He have created man first before coming up with the woman/wife if not to portray order?Why didn't He wait until after the creation of the woman before giving His commands to them?The woman came after the instruction and had to hear from the man [Gen, 2 vs 8-18]. God's incomparably great power enthroned Christ the head of all.The same power has empowered the man to be the head of home.Trying to deviate from this order is disastrous.God confirmed man's authority over the woman[Gen.3 vs 16].Though,this doesn't suggest lording it over the wife and children;they aren't properties[Psalm 127 vs 3;Eph.6 vs 4;1Peter 3 vs 7].God expects the husband to be the house-band,binding the home together.The band mustn't break,lest the home falls apart.The husband is to be a leader and a great lover.Are you?

THE HEART-----------WIFE/ MOTHER Wives submit to your own husbands,as you do to the Lord[Ephesian 5 vs 22]. Why didn't God bring out Eve[the woman] from Adam's head?Why was she made from the rib bone of the man?God never intended the wife to act in any respect as the head of her husband.Ephesian 5 vs 22,24.The idea of submission[being subject to] in these verses that God expects the woman to voluntarily accept man's God-given leadership role in the home.She should cede that position to him.The wife is compared to the church which is Christ's body.The implication:she is his body[Eph.5 vs 28,29].In fact, his very heart,and the protector of his heart[taken from the rib cage that protects the heart].The man and the woman are co- equal before God but the woman is the weaker partner she therefore,need a leader/guide/helper,duly and divinely provided in the man/husband/father.The woman is a mother to both her husband and children in the family body.She cooperates with the HEAD and the head of the home in order to build her family up in the faith.


Children,obey your parents in the Lord,for this is right[Ehp.6 vs 1].There can be no children if there are no parents-man and wife-on ground.Children are God-given to the already existing parents Psalm 127 vs 3].They are the fruits of all husband and wife before they become father and mother.The import is that,placing the children above parents in the home is likely trying to place the cart before the horse.What a chaos! God's command echoed by Apostle Paul in Ephesian 6 vs 1 that children should obey their parents,for this is right immediately suggests the idea of submission to the parents. In God's Organogram for the home,children are next to the parents. However,they should not be exasperated [Eph.6 vs 4].They should be given all logistics to be successful in life and God/ godliness.

In conclusion,no family/home can experience lasting peace that has no regard for the person and power of Christ in their daily conversations.The authority of Christ has made the husband/father head/leader of the home,not to lord it over the others but love them with the love of Christ.


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