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Oak Furniture for Durability and Style

Updated on July 23, 2013

Rustic Oak

Rustic style furniture such as oak sideboards, heavy solid wood dining tables, and Cotswold kitchen ranges, never really go out of fashion, but latest trends show consumers are choosing oak furniture above cheaper items. This is not surprising, because not only is oak furniture a strong and durable choice, it is also extremely attractive and a good investment for the future.

There are many choices of oak furniture items ranging from dressers and dining table sets to CD racks. Because solid oak furniture is so durable, you can start buying smaller items as your budget allows, and every year add to your oak furniture collection. If you care for the furniture well, it will not be apparent that some items were bought several years before others.

Oak Chest of Drawers
Oak Chest of Drawers

Choosing Oak Furniture

Oak furniture makes any room appear more stylish, as it looks elegant and beautiful. If you want your oak furniture to last for many years, it is important that you choose the right piece and care for it well. Although you might think that the price tag is a good indication of the quality of an oak furniture item, a high price does not always mean you're getting a well made piece of furniture or value for your money.

You should be looking for solid oak furniture. this should never be confused with plywood furniture that is covered with oak veneer. Oak veneer furniture does not have the durability or strength of solid oak, and it will not hold value in the same way. Simply knocking on a piece of furniture will give you an idea if it is solid oak or oak veneer, and if this fails try lifting it. Solid oak furniture is very heavy.

Once you have determined that you're looking at a genuine piece of oak furniture, you will still need to check that it is well made. Make sure that the doors and drawers open and close smoothly. Check inside the drawers; they should be well sanded with a smooth finish. Quality furniture is finished properly all over, including the bits that are out of sight.

When shopping for any type of furniture, the time of the year that you purchase can affect how much you pay. If you can wait until January for example, you're bound to find many items are discounted.

It might seem obvious, but it is something that many people overlook - when buying oak furniture make sure that your door frames are wide enough to bring the furniture inside the house. Oak furniture cannot be dismantled without ruining the item,so it is important that you measure the house entrances and the piece before buying.

Oak Side or Coffee Tables
Oak Side or Coffee Tables

Durable Oak

Oak is often chosen as a perfect furniture timber due to is lasting appeal. Many homes display items of solid oak furniture as well as oak beams that are several hundred years old. Oak will not attract mould or woodworm, and provided you polish it a few times a year with beeswax, it should retain its beauty for generations..


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