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Oak Writing Desks

Updated on September 19, 2011

Introduction to Oak Writing Desks

Oak writing desks are one of the most popular choices in writing desks today, and it's not hard to see why.  Oak is a very sturdy and popular wood, one that has been used in the construction of homes, boats, and furniture for centuries.  Oak is a very hard wood that also has a reputation for lasting very long periods of time, which could be a major reason why oak office furniture remains so popular to this day. 

Even antique oak writing desks tend to be bigger and more akin to modern designs than many of the other older models of writing desks.  This is because while cherry wood or cedar gave the type of flair that said aristocracy or class, oak was harder to work with in detailing, but considered a solid and sturdy wood.  Because of this, the larger office desks were more likely to be oak, which is why there is less variation between modern oak writing desks and oak antique writing desks than the variations you would find in cherry, mahogany, or cedar.

In most cases, contemporary writing desks are far different from many of the older models. While once in while you can still catch some designs that take look and style into consideration, most modern designs are based for functional use and not much else. In this sense, it can be hard to tell a writing desk from one designed for computers or just general office use.  The antique writing desk designs were more about hand writing letters, showing off a level of education or monetary value and the social status that came with it.

There are some models and/or designs of modern desks that look just like the older designs and models that used to be favored.  Most modern office desks will be like the traditional desks, although many popular models are corner or L-shaped writing desks to help maximize the space in an office. Many of the most popular current oak writing desk models are corner office desks.

Contemporary oak writing desks are fantastic examples of office furniture that are going to remain popular far into the future. 

Oak Writing Desks from Amazon

Wide Variety of Oak Writing Desks

If you are looking for a good oak writing desk, you will have plenty to choose from! There are many different designs and styles that come with oak desks, and each one has something different to offer. The design that works best for you is going to depend on what your specific needs are. Some examples of different writing desk models are as follows:

Secretary desk/writing table: There are some great oak writing desks that are in this form. These tend to be slightly smaller open desks, designed like a small table with a narrow drawer to hold some papers or pens, but the open table design allows for computers, trays, and other materials to be easily used without having to open a lot of drawers to find what you need. Maybe a little too small for a full time business desk, but a nice place for a small project.

Writing table/desk bureau: This design is less common. This almost looks like a dresser that has a hutch on top that can be opened to make a small table like surface, with a few cubby holes to store letters, bills, papers, etc.

Wooden Secretary w/ dropleaf: This form of an oak writing desk is a slightly older design, one that is more based for letters, bills, and correspondance with a fold up hutch. These desks aren't designed for use of computers, but these desks are beautiful pieces of furniture that can help improve the aesthetics of any room in the house - not just the office.

Corner Office Desk: These are some of the most popular current designs of oak wood writing desks. Often times these desks won't even be called writing desks, but might just be called office desks, L-shaped desks, or corner office desks. These are desks that form an "L," helping to maximize office space in the corners, and allowing for a ton of open space for any computer, papers, or anything else you need.

These are just a few of several designs of oak writing desks that are available to consumers. Doing a little bit of research can go a long way to determining what type of oak desk is right for your specific needs.  Of course the one thing that all of these oak writing desks have in common is that they all look a lot better from an ergonomic office mesh chair.

General Oak Writing Desks Conclusion

There's a lot of different oak writing desk designs out there, and hopefully this page helped you to get an idea of the wide variety out there. Writing desks are a particular passion of mine, because I'm one of those writers who writes many different styles, different topics, different genres - and I like having separate places for each so my freelance writing doesn't overlap with my fiction, or my screenwriting doesn't overlap with my poetry.

A writing desk is a great way to keep all of my freelance writing in one place without meshing with any of my creative writing. I also hate really cheap "Walmart Quality" furniture - a description I've given for the sheer amount of Wal Mart purchases that have busted on me within a week. An old school oak writing desk is something I know would last, and something I'd be able to pass on once I was gone.

So don't be surprised if aside from cherry writing desks and oak writing desks that a few other hubs on different writing desks might appear in the future.

Types of Oak Wood Writing Desks

There are many different types of oak writing desks available out there to the general public. One style is the traditional oak office desk, which will be large, have a large surface area, and gives off the feeling of importance and authority to anyone who enters. These desks are more traditional in nature and very common throughout furniture stores. Another popular type of office desk which comes in oak is the kidney shaped desk, which uses a very simple yet smart design to fully optimize surface space. A rectangle or square might appear orderly, but it is a long way from being efficient. However a kidney shaped desk is exactly that, with the person sitting in the middle. By curving the desk on both sides, a much larger volume of surface area on the desk is within easy reach.

Old antique oak secretary and flip top desks, also sometimes referred to as a writing secretary or drop lid desk, were much more common from the very late 1700s all the way through the mid 20th Century.  One of the big things about this design is that they're designed for storing letters, bills, important documents, and give a work area that then folds up, also allowing this desk to take up very little overall space.  In many homes, these can be found not only in offices but even as decorative pieces in dining rooms, bedrooms, or even living rooms.

The wide variety of oak writing desks out there really is amazing and goes a long way towards explaining why there are so many options.  Oak is a good strong wood, so if properly treated there's no reason these desks won't outlast even the people who own them and act as family heirlooms to be passed down to future generations.

Various Oak Writing Desk Pictures

Click thumbnail to view full-size
One image of a normal looking oak writing desk.Great image of an oak office desk, with the computer and everything set up.An impressive fit of a great oak writing desk in a small room.Great picture of an oak rolltop writing desk.Who says all oak writing desks have to be simple?  Here's a great example of an extravagant oak writing desk, with enough elegance for anyone's taste.
One image of a normal looking oak writing desk.
One image of a normal looking oak writing desk.
Great image of an oak office desk, with the computer and everything set up.
Great image of an oak office desk, with the computer and everything set up.
An impressive fit of a great oak writing desk in a small room.
An impressive fit of a great oak writing desk in a small room.
Great picture of an oak rolltop writing desk.
Great picture of an oak rolltop writing desk.
Who says all oak writing desks have to be simple?  Here's a great example of an extravagant oak writing desk, with enough elegance for anyone's taste.
Who says all oak writing desks have to be simple? Here's a great example of an extravagant oak writing desk, with enough elegance for anyone's taste.

Why Oak Is a Good Choice

There are many choices for picking oak over other types of wood. Oak is extremely solid and durable and has a great reputation for being resistant against rot, pests, and wear. It's not unusual for a good piece of oak furniture to stand the test of time for many years and even end up being handed down from one generation to the next. This strong resistance to most of the forces that end up damaging more cheaply made furniture is a huge bonus for many people and a fairly powerful selling point.

In addition to this are the aesthetic reasons.  Red oak and white oak have different looks, but can provide a variety of different looks and the wood is not too dark, although white oak can be extremely light if that is the preference of the person buying it.  These are good reasons for purchasing a good oak writing desk.

Other Writing Desk Links of Interest

If you would like to learn more about writing desks, consider taking a look at some of these other pages on the topic.  Not all of these links might be perfect for your interests,  but it is a good start to getting more information on this general subject.  From oak to cherry to antique to modern and everything in between, you should be able to find it among all these links.

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